Bangkok Web Design, Apps & Digital marketing

Our mission is to create digital opportunities beyond the horizon of your project requirements. Together we’ll ideate, design, build, & launch your next success.

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Thailand based App Development and Website Design

Are you looking to grow your business, generate new revenue streams, and optimize operations? We specialize in helping companies leverage custom-built software solutions and mobile applications in order to meet and exceed their goals. Get the mobile app development & web Design project management expertise you need to guarantee your success.

We’re consistently delighted by the marketing strategies developed by Vimi, as well as the quality & on time execution they deliver. Vimi is now part of our strategic marketing mix & we continue to collaborate on multiple projects. We heartily recommend them as a provider

Remko Vleesch Dubois
CEO, Kirloskar Brothers Thailand Ltd.

Bangkok UI & UX Website Design

Is your UI (User Interface) fully optimized to engage your users?

Get the UX (User Experience) you need quickly and effectively! Our proven team of UI/UX designers and project managers is looking forward to working with you!

Dunlop is the global leader in tires. We hired Vimi to help us with our Thai website. They delivered the project within the agreed budget & schedule. We’re very happy with the quality of support & service the Vimi team provides us


B2B Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Strategies

With Vimi’s B2B Lead Generation and digital marketing strategies, you can guarantee your online success by leveraging our proven experience.

We’re here to support you, starting with targeted campaigns up to ongoing partnerships.

We get around 3 calls a day from people who have seen our website one way or the other

Gavin Vongkusolkit
Managing Director, Heritage Estates Co., Ltd.

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Bangkok based studio focused on B2B digital solutions.

Our mission is to create digital opportunities beyond the horizon of your project requirements. Together we’ll ideate, design, build, & launch your next success.

Our customers are saying

I wanted a vendor that would go beyond merely delivering on my requests, and would be able to give valuable insights for the business as well. I’ve been consistently pleased with the quality of work and ideas I’ve been getting, and look forward to working with the team for years to come

Amit Sachdev
Founder, Stroll Guam

We’re very impressed by their process. Vimi took our ideas & made them reality. They’re genuinely concern in learning about our business & target audiences, & gave attention to detail at every step

Tracy Lee
Managing Director, Aspire Thailand Property

Here at GPS Legal we always like to say that we give Clear Direction in a Complex World. We feel that this is exactly the benefit the Vimi team give us on the projects they handle for us. Vimi are creative, effective, and easy to work with. We continue to work with them and have suggested them as a provider to our contacts

Lawrence Chaney
Managing Partner, GPS Legal

We have had an opportunity to work with Mike and his team at in the past few months. I am very impressed by the whole process. Vimi Team helped us build the site from idea to reality. His genuine concern and interest in learning about my business and target audiences, the attention to details with every single content (which is A LOT for a real estate website!), the eye for aesthetics, the passion to serve, the lists go on. Check out the work here

I am very happy to recommend Mike and his team at Vimi to anyone looking to build a website. They are the best in town!

Duangporn Leelalumlert
Managing Director, Aspire Thailand Property

The Vimi team gave us some great ideas & helped us present ourselves effectively to our audience. They’re detail oriented & easy to work with. We will work with them again & have recommended them to our contacts

Kris Withouck
Managing Director, Alcami Manufacturing

The Vimi team delivered an intuitive site redesign that enabled us to better promote our carbon reduction solutions and strengthen our brand, and remain our preferred partner for digital marketing services since. We’re well impressed with the team and the service we receive, and have requ

Olivia Fussell
Carbon Credit Capital