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We’re consistently delighted by the marketing strategies developed by Vimi, as well as the quality & on time execution they deliver. Vimi is now part of our strategic marketing mix & we continue to collaborate on multiple projects. We heartily recommend them as a provider

Remko Vleesch Dubois
CEO, Kirloskar Brothers Thailand Ltd.
Looking for a Digital Agency with a proven record of Industrial and B2B website design?
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The Internet on mobile is the fastest growing engagement channel for brands, companies and industry across Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia. The recent pandemic has transformed organizations’ websites into a primary lead source for most B2B and many B2C companies.

Your website, on mobile, is the all-important 1st touch-point for your stakeholders. As a manufacturing company, or indeed as an organization of any kind, a poorly designed website directly reduces the scope of your inbound inquiries, and causes long-term damage to your credibility. Failing to invest in an effective website is one of the worst mistakes organizations make, and yet it’s so easily avoidable!

Whether you’re aiming to redesign your organization’s website, or looking to launch an entirely new one, we’re here to help you with:

  • Planning your website development strategy
  • Designing your website for engagement
  • Providing content for credibility
  • Web development for security, scale and success

Our team has successfully designed and developed websites for regionally and globally recognized companies such as Dunlop, Heinz-Kraft, True, Sumitomo Heavy Industry, and others,

We look forward to working with you to support the successful launch of your next website.

Dunlop is the global leader in tires. We hired Vimi to help us with our Thai website. They delivered the project within the agreed budget & schedule. We’re very happy with the quality of support & service the Vimi team provides us


Website Design and Development - What you get

Enjoy a turnkey solution tailored to the needs of Industrial and B2B Companies
Your agreement with us is geared towards getting your new website up and running as quickly as possible, while maintaining uncompromising standards for content, design and performance. Building a successful website is the process of orchestrating four primary efforts that together deliver a single comprehensive solution:

Building a successful website is the process of orchestrating four primary efforts that together deliver a single comprehensive solution:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Content
  • Technology

We have a proven track record of working with corporations, manufacturers and NGOs to deliver best-in-class websites and applications, and we’ll support you every step of the way towards the successful launch of yours!

Planning Your Website Development Strategy

Identifying how your website best supports your organization’s marketing and operational needs, while delivering optimal customer experiences to all your stakeholders, is the crucial first step in guaranteeing it is ultimately successful. We’ll help you review your organization’s needs and advise how your site can best address concerns from all relevant parties.

Goal sets you can define for your website typically fall under these broad categories:

  • Providing information, building awareness, and establishing brand credibility.
  • Collecting sales leads and other forms of stakeholder inquiries.
  • Providing operational and customer support in a self-serve, or semi self-serve model.
  • Generating online sales.

Designing Your Website for Engagement

In a post-pandemic world the design of your website is most likely to define the first impression people will have of your organization. This is more than just common wisdom – Psychologists have proven that 80-85% of our perception, learning and cognition are mediated through vision.

Design paradigms are typically considered across these two dimensions:

  • User Experience – How well your data is presented and how easy it is to interact with.
  • User Interface – The visual appeal of your website’s pages and how well they embody your corporate identity.

We’ll ensure your website design establishes your organization’s credibility from the very first second your audience sees it and provides an optimal customer experience throughout the time they spend on your site.


Providing Content for Credibility

Providing your audience with timely, relevant, and well produced content is the most important element in building your online success over the long term, because it is the content you publish that serves as the basis for the communications you hope to establish with your audience. The text, images, and videos you share on your site go towards establishing your expertise in your field, and it serves you well to invest whatever effort is necessary to ensure the information you’re providing is credible, useful and up-to-date.

We have decades of experience in supporting organizations in identifying, mapping, and creating content that attracts desirable visitors and generates leads and revenue. Whether you’re looking for copywriting, translation, imagery or video, we’ve got you covered.

Web Development for Security, Scale and Success

Selecting a technological framework to support your organization’s current and future needs is an important concern for your new website, and can mean the difference between success and failure.

While content and design can easily be updated, swapping technologies is much harder to do – Whatever tech you choose, you’re likely to be using it for at least a couple of years, so it’s important to get it right.

We’ll help you identify the solutions best suited to your requirements, while advocating wherever possible for the use of free and open-source resources, in order to keep budgets in-check. Our goal is to provide you with access to solutions that balance security, scalability, and commercial competitiveness, in the best way possible.


What’s Included in Your Website Package?

For most brand and corporate websites we recommend using the popular and dependable content management platform as your website’s technology framework.

WordPress is in use on over 36% of the websites on the web due to being highly dependable, supremely well maintained, and regularly updated. A few WordPress benefits include:

  • WordPress delivers all the functionality and design flexibility you’re likely to need for any type of brand, corporate or lead generation website.
  • WordPress is cross-platform, cross-browser and mobile compatible, and ensures your website will look great on any device.
  • WordPress gives you the freedom to maintain your own site. It’s easy to learn, even for people with no technical skills, and we’ll provide you with training and a manual to help you become comfortable managing your website.

We normally include the following in your ecommerce website package:

  • Project setup
  • Briefing documents
  • Design
  • Development
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Content upload
  • User acceptance testing
  • Deployment to hosting
  • 6 months no-nonsense warranty

Typical sitemap

The best B2B company websites usually have sitemaps similar to the ones below
  • Home
  • Solutions
    • Solution #1
    • Solution #2
    • Solution #3…etc.
  • Facilities
    • Facility #1
    • Facility #2
    • Facility #3…etc.
  • Case studies
    • Story #1
    • Story #2
    • Story #3…etc.
  • News
    • Story #1
    • Story #2
    • Story #3…etc.
  • About us
    • Vision-Mission-Values
    • History
    • Management team
  • FAQ
  • Contact – Including location map
  • Legalese – Terms and Privacy policy
  • Home
  • Solutions
    • Solution #1
    • Solution #2
    • Solution #3…etc.
  • News
    • Story #1
    • Story #2
    • Story #3…etc.
  • About us
  • FAQ
  • Contact – Including location map
  • Legalese – Terms and Privacy policy
These successful websites also offer most of these features:
  • Live chat
  • Sharing buttons
  • Social media integration
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Multilingual (* – Important for MNCs)
  • For more info on these features, keep reading.

For more info on these features, keep reading.

Website feature wishlist

The sitemaps above offer some of the features listed below, and you may want us to also include:
News / Blog

Keep your followers engaged, entertained and up-to-date with your latest updates, thought-leadership, tips, etc. An active blog or news section is crucial for keeping up the dialogue with your audience, and improving your search rankings.

Live chat

Allow visitors to your website to chat with you on Whatsapp, Line, Facebook, etc.

Sharing buttons

Add sharing buttons to boost social marketing, engagement, and syndication of your content.

Social media integration

Being active on social media is critical for audience engagement. Showcase your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube,…etc. on your website.

Newsletter subscription

Newsletters and emails remain one of the most effective forms of digital marketing available. Encourage visitors to register for your updates.

CRM integration

Integrate intake forms from your CRM into your website.

Jobs board
Publish positions and collect CVs directly from your website.
PDF downloads

Allow PDF downloads directly from your site. This is great for product manuals, recipes, etc.


Include discussion forums on your website

Advanced user management

Advanced control over user roles and access permissions to the various pages and functions of your website.

Multilingual website

This robust add-on enables the creation, display and management of your website’s page in as many additional languages as you need. Choose to translate just a few key pages, or opt for a fully multilingual site.

Visitor geolocation identification
Define how your website responds to visitors based on their IP address. This add-on can dictate how your content is accessible to users from different countries and can be used in conjunction with multilingual websites and cross-border e-commerce.
File sharing platform

Create a file sharing platform. Have your own private Dropbox or Google Drive as a section on your website and share files with your audience using this advanced extension.

Need more? Just ask!

Not seeing the features you need listed? No worries! Tell us what you’re missing and we’ll figure out how to make it happen.

How does it work?

Our process follows these principles:

Behavioral design

People love platforms that account for how they feel & think. These are the insights behavioral design provides.

User testing

The compass ensuring a platform’s utility
& appeal is the study of the people using it. The sooner this study is launched, the higher the returns it delivers.

Return on investment

A platform’s success is measured in relation to quantifiable goals. Failure can be useful, when we learn from it.

A project is only ever as good as the brief

One of the most important steps on your path to a new website is your project brief.
A good brief will help you avoid miscommunications, wasted $$$, and missed deadlines.

We know sometimes getting your thoughts in order is hard, so we’re happy to share with you the brief template our team uses, to help you get started. Remember – The more detailed your answers on the brief questions, the easier things will be for you later on…

Vimi - Client Website Brief

Project Milestones

With a brief firmly in place, the next most determinant factor in your project’s success is the delivery process. Over the years we’ve been in operation we’ve developed a successful website delivery workflow, which we will follow for your project – These are the major milestones you can expect along the way, from start to finish:
Discovery and estimation
Website design
Website content
Website Development and Quality Assurance
Website Deployment and Delivery
Website warranty and maintenance

Discovery and estimation

Your website design and development project starts with 1-2 introductory consultations, during which we’ll receive your briefing. We want to understand your goals, scope, timeline and budget. Often at this step we’ll already try to offer some insights you may wish to consider for the benefit of your project. The purpose of this step is to provide you with a plan and proposal that allows you to evaluate working with us.

  • Understand your e-business goals.
  • Identify existing situation & success benchmarks.
  • Clarify results that will have a meaningful impact for your organization.
  • Select the solutions best matching your needs.
  • Build dialog and buy-in with your team members.
  • Introduce our team and working practices.
  • Discovery summary brief.
  • Plan and schedule your website project.
  • Proposal.
  • 1 week

Website design

Once we have your requirements clarified we will prepare a detailed website brief that includes wireframes outlining the content and functionality for each of your pages. The design of your website will be derived from this written brief, which also facilitates smoother communications throughout the project.

  • Verify website sitemap.
  • Develop agreed design artefacts for the website.
  • Ensure steering committee engagement and sign-off.
  • Provide clarity and transparency for all stakeholders
  • A website brief listing all the pages and their purposes.
  • Wireframes for all pages explaining how your audience will experience your website.
  • Website page designs for all pages.
  • 2 weeks to submit website design for review

Website content

In order to ensure your website addresses all your goals, we’ll help you prepare all your content well in advance. We’ll help you make sure you have the texts, visuals, and videos you need to effectively get your messaging across to your target audiences. This is one of the most important efforts in ensuring the successful launch of your website.

  • Collect and prepare all the content needed to support the goals of your website.
  • Map the content out to the individual website pages.
  • Ensure the website design fully supports the content planned for the website.
  • Website launch day content: texts, images, videos, etc. for each and every page planned for the site.
  • For most corporate websites this step takes 3-4 weeks of effort.

Website Development and Quality Assurance

Once you’re satisfied with your website’s proposed design, and have clarity about which content you’ll have on your site on the launch date, we will start coding up your website. As this process reaches its conclusion our quality assurance team will start testing the site for compliance with the project brief and approved content and design. When our internal team is satisfied, we will invite your team to review our work as well.

  • Build your website per the agreed design, content and scope.
  • Integrate any 3rd party solutions needed to support your online operations – e.g. email marketing, social media, CRM, etc.
  • Confirm your website works properly, matches the approved design, and includes the agreed content.
  • Your website code developed and deployed to our development and testing servers, and ready for acceptance testing.
  • Website ready for review on our development servers, prior to deployment and launch.
  • 1-2 months

Website Deployment and Delivery

Once you confirm you are happy with your website, and that it matches the agreed design and scope-of-work, we’ll go ahead and push it live, either to your existing hosting provider, or to hosting we provide for you. We’ll also train your team on the use of your website’s systems. Congratulations!!! You now have a new website… : )

  • Facilitate a smooth launch, delivery and handover of your new website.
  • Ensure your team can run day to day operations with your new website.
  • Your website is “live” and operating as expected.
  • Training and manual on how to use your website delivered to your team.
  • 1 week.

Website warranty and maintenance

We offer a 6-month bug fix warranty for the work we invested in building your website. Any bugs resulting from our work reported within 6 months of launching your website will be fixed at no cost.

Beyond your warranty you can also inquire about our support and maintenance packages which help guarantee your website and hosting receive the necessary updates and patches to keep your data safe and your website secure. You can also request that we manage your regular updates, provide content for your site, and build new features for you.

  • Ensure the website’s stability.
  • Provide support to “keep the lights on”.
  • Allow for ongoing support.

As per the agreed Service Level Agreement:

  • Regular platform patches and updates.
  • Content updates.
  • Development of new website features.
  • Support packages are normally negotiated for periods of 6-24 months.

Trustdock is a leader in digital identity verification.
We chose Vimi to create our global website. They’ve proven a reliable & valued partner that delivers on time & on spec. Vimi go the extra mile looking for ways to support our business, so naturally we’re happy to recommend them as a service provider

Jeff Bates
Global Markets Lead, Trustdock

Who will you be working with?

Your Website Delivery Team

Your project team will be directed by one of our managing partners, who will remain cc’ed on your project’s communications. This helps us keep working teams accountable and ensures you’re treated according to our standards for quality and customer service.
Your website delivery team includes:

Project manager

Your Project Manager is the key person responsible for driving your project forward. They will have at least one weekly meeting with you, to share updates and receive feedback and guidance.

Information architects

Good information architecture makes it easier for your audience to find the information they need when browsing your site. Our managing partners, or a senior project manager, will help you arrange your website’s content so that it matches best practice conventions and is easy for your audience to navigate.

UX / UI Designers

Up to 85% of our experience is mediated by vision. The look and feel of your website is largely responsible for the impression your audience will have of your brands and company. Our design team will work with you to ensure your website establishes your company’s reputation as a credible and professional leader in your industry, while remaining faithful to your corporate image guidelines.


When you hire us to provide the content for your corporate website, our copywriting team will take responsibility for preparing all the text for your website. Should your site also require video and other forms of media, your project manager will facilitate the delivery of those materials as well.
If you’d like to hasten the delivery of your project, and don’t have a full-time copywriter as part of your organization, you can expect to get a much faster delivery when you leave content creation up to us.


Our development team has delivered hundreds of brand and corporate website projects in the 10+ years we’ve been in business. This working experience, coupled with our strict quality assurance processes, help to ensure your website is delivered on time, on budget, and according to plan.


The Vimi team gave us some great ideas & helped us present ourselves effectively to our audience. They’re detail oriented & easy to work with. We will work with them again & have recommended them to our contacts

Kris Withouck
Managing Director, Alcami Manufacturing

Warranty and Maintenance

Any website we build for you comes with a 6 month no-nonsense-warranty that guarantees we will fix any bugs that somehow slipped through our QA process, free of charge, and without delay.

We have a variety of support and maintenance packages you can choose to add to your basic warranty – You can go for just basic security updates, or choose to hand over all day-to-day management of your site to us – Whatever your needs – We’re here to help!


Why us?

Our Promise to You
Our team routinely designs, builds and launches successful websites and apps for globally recognized brands, corporations and NGOs . While we’ve specialized in handling industrial clients, our experience ranges across a variety of sectors, giving us a broad understanding for the needs, goals, and expectations of a diverse range of stakeholders.
Over the years we’ve learned a digital project’s success depends on:
  • Communication – Regular and honest dialog allowing stakeholders to share their inputs and concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment.
  • Dedication – and patience to learn the unique circumstances of the project.
  • Excellence – in content, design, technical delivery and work processes.

We promise we’ll follow these principles in all our dealings with you, in order to build you a website that effectively supports the accomplishment of your goals.

Frequently asked questions

For a corporate website with a sitemap comparable to the one above, including all necessary copywriting for preparing your website’s content, you should budget ~฿300k / U$10k

From the day you give us all the content and images you want on your website, and your deposit has been made, it should take ~3 months for your website to go live.

Yes, we’re very happy to help you prepare the content for your website.

We offer a no-nonsense 6 month extendable warranty that guarantees we fix free of charge and without delay, any bugs that slipped through our pre-launch quality checks.

This free warranty can be extended with hosting and maintenance packages to guarantee your website and its supporting infrastructure run smoothly, and are scheduled for regular updates and upgrades.

Yes, your website is built using WordPress – The world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). With your Administrator dashboard access you’ll be able to easily edit, add and remove content from your website whenever you want.


Our global clientele expect us to operate at the peak of efficiency & discretion, & we expect the same from our providers. Vimi delivered our brand design & website, & remain our preferred provider because we know we can rely on them to be there whenever we need them

Joshua Rotbart
Managing Partner, Jrotbart & Co.

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