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Ritta Construction

Ritta Holdings Company Limited and its subsidiaries, active in the Thai market for 35 years, are now the largest Thai Main Contractor in the private sector, with over 1,800 staff, an annual turnover of approximately 15 billion Baht and a project backlog valued at over 30 billion Baht. The company operates across the full gamut of construction project verticals – including residences, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, data centers, shopping malls, retail super stores, high-rises, and many more.

Target audiences

The companies target audience are organizations seeking to build namesake projects in Bangkok and across Thailand. Companies seeking to provide for their brands the unique long-lasting prestige value that comes from being associated with an iconic landmark. Ritta – the builders of such icons as Terminal 21, Medpark hospital, and the Muang Thai Assurance building, to name a few, reliably deliver this unparalleled benefit,

Unique Value Proposition

Ritta’s value proposition begins with the company’s firm commitment to maintain leadership as the holder of the strongest financial position among all private construction companies operating in Thailand. From this position of strength Ritta offers clients unparalleled levels of confidence for projects’ timely execution, as well as an uncompromising commitment to delivery quality. Simply put, no other construction company in Thailand can offer commitments to delivery and quality on the scale that Ritta can.

The Project - Scope of Work

While Ritta are the de facto market leaders of the private construction sector in Thailand for many years, their previous website, which hadn’t been updated in over a decade, failed to reflect this, and had become a detriment to the company’s brand rather than support for it. At the company’s request, Vimi supported Ritta with creating their new, current website from inception, all through to delivery. The goals Ritta established for their new website were:
  1. Update the website’s technological platform to match current-day best practice and allow for easy ongoing updates by the company’s in-house team.
  2. Design and deliver a website that would establish Ritta’s brand as comparable, if not superior, to that of global leaders in the construction industry.
  3. Ensure Ritta’s was clearly identifiable as the leading brand in the Thai construction market.

The outcome

Ritta’s website was delivered to the clients’ full satisfaction, and Vimi continues to support the company with hosting and timely updated as requested.

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