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Carbon Credit Capital


Carbon Credit Capital




The Vimi team delivered an intuitive site redesign that enabled us to better promote our carbon reduction solutions and strengthen our brand, and remain our preferred partner for digital marketing services since. We’re well impressed with the team and the service we receive, and have requ

Olivia Fussell
Carbon Credit Capital


Carbon Credit Capital

Founded in 2006, Carbon Credit Capital is a sustainability-focused company specializing in carbon emission reduction projects that help corporations, universities, nonprofits and governments reduce their carbon footprints. With over 15 years of experience, Carbon Credit Capital links international partners to high-quality carbon offset initiatives in developing and domestic markets.

Target audiences

Carbon Credit Capital primarily serves corporations, educational institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies aiming to reduce their carbon footprints through vetted carbon offset projects domestically and internationally. Their customers value customized emissions reductions strategies.

Unique Value Proposition

Carbon Credit Capital provides customized solutions to help organizations achieve 100% carbon neutrality through vetted global carbon reduction projects. Their innovative programs like Carbon Neutral Checkout enable companies to mitigate all product emissions through consumer-funded offsets.

The Project - Scope of Work

Carbon Credit Capital approached Vimi to overhaul their website design for an updated, contemporary look that strengthens their brand, and focuses on showcasing Carbon Credit Capital’s sustainability mission and carbon reduction solutions, the new website enables the company to better educate site visitors while driving conversions.

The outcome

Vimi’s website redesign empowered Carbon Credit Capital to refresh their digital presence and deliver their vision to a broader audience. The redesigned site optimized user experience and boosted engagement across pages. The streamlined site navigation and responsive design also improve accessibility on mobile. The team at Carbon Credit Capital were well impressed with Vimi’s services and retain the company as their digital marketing partner, furthermore the company’s managing director has engaged the studio for projects relating to other businesses they own.

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