Delegating your UX & UI to us will save up to 35% of your design costs

Proven User Experience and Interface Design services – Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD

This is the first time I’m dealing with a partner whose work I can accept immediately. Vimi knows UX very well

Gerald Lim
Assistant VP Digital & Innovation, Central Food Retail Group
Apps, custom applications, and software are some of the fastest growing opportunities for B2B and B2C companies in Asia-Pacific. Apps and custom software solutions help companies reach wider audiences, create new revenue streams, optimize operations and scale growth. Since each of these objectives directly increases profitability, they’re always a high priority for decision makers.

Even before Covid, companies in Asia-Pacific witnessed massive increases in their need for custom software development, and since software application projects often have a user interface, this demand also drove a demand increase for User Experience and User Interface design talent. But finding good designers, and integrating them into your team effectively is challenging – Unless your company is able to provide the type of creative environment and professional guidance your designers need to thrive and flourish, they’ll deliver sub-par outputs, feel frustrated at work, and are likely to churn out of your company and cause failed recruitment losses.

UX / UX on Demand

That’s where we come in. Our core competencies are UX, UI and behavioral design. For more than 10 years we’ve been building a pool of creative talent specialized in delivering a full range of UX and UI services including:

  • UX research
  • UX architecture
  • UX design
  • UX writing
  • UI system creation
  • UI design
  • Graphic design for UI
Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing platform’s UI, or are seeking a UX designer for an entirely new application launch, we’re here to help you by serving as your design department. Consider us as a partner for any or all of the following services:
  • Figuring out your users’ personas and motivations
  • Mapping out best and worst case user flow scenarios
  • Wireframing screen layouts
  • Designing your applications’ user interface in accordance with your brand guidelines and usability best practices.
  • Formatting and delivering design files matching your dev team’s specifications.
With 10+ years of experience in delivering proven and effective UX and UI services to companies and startups locally and around the globe, we’re the ideal partner for your next application design project. We look forward to helping you launch your next success!

Your Benefits Working with our UX/UI Team

The benefits of working with our team are:
  • Behavioral design mindset – Our focus on Behavioral Design delivers UX and UI proven to increase engagement by leveraging common heuristics and other aspects of the mind’s inner working.
  • Faster time-to-market – Gain immediate access to experienced app and software designers with a proven track record of creating commercially successful platforms.
  • Be more efficient – Maintain focus on your core expertise and leave the bulk of the design work to our experts.
  • Be as flexible as you need – Enjoy the flexibility to scale your team as you need, without having to worry about the consequences of hiring and firing.
  • Reduce risk – Avoid recruitment costs, hiring failures, and other labor contract risks by contracting your design work out to us.

UX / UI Services by Phase

Our team is available to support you with all, or just some, of the following stages of creating a development-ready user interface:
UX Research - Users, personas, and motivations

More often than not, when we’re brought in as a consultant to help with a project that’s failing to meet it’s engagement targets, it quickly becomes evident that the actual target users were never consulted with during the software’s design and development process.

To create a successful application or software product, it’s absolutely critical to include user stakeholders in the design process. Only by gaining a clear understanding of their motivations, capabilities, and perceptions of your app’s benefits, will you have the chance to create interfaces they appreciate, and can use effectively to achieve their goals.

The questions we’ll help you resolve at this phase are:

  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • What are their representative personas?
  • How do they understand your unique value proposition (UVP)?
  • What are their goals and motivations in relation to your UVP?
UX Implementation #1 - Operations, Processes and User Flows
Once we have a good understanding of how your stakeholders perceive your UVP, and we understand the operational processes your company follows to deliver this UVP, we can prepare User Experience flow diagrams to outline each process.
UX Implementation #2 - Wireframes
The next step in the design process is creating wireframes that outline, in a schematic fashion, all of your application’s individual screens. The wireframes serve to showcase the functionality and overall layout of each screen. Each and every screen and state of your app must have a confirmed wireframe before we can start designing the User Interface (UI).
User Interface Implementation - UI Design

Your application’s UI shapes your stakeholders’ cognition and comprehension of your company’s brand and UVP. It is your app’s user interface, more than anything else, that mediates your app’s functionality to your stakeholders and determines whether they evaluate their user experience with your service as meaningful, useful, and polished.

Your UI shapes more than your customer’s immediate experience of your product – Thanks to the Halo Effect, it also influences users’ overall impression of your organization – A poorly designed app can easily damage your brand’s hard-earned credibility.

Our team has designed banking, shopping and utility apps used by millions of people daily. We’ll ensure your app is not only visually appealing, but also complies with UI best practices, and delivers a premium user experience that establishes your brand as a trusted market leader.

Working with Vimi’s outsourced designers was instrumental in our delivery of timely solutions to our clients. Working on complex multinational projects demands getting access to top designers on very short notice – Vimi came through every time

Jon De-Potter
Managing Principal,

UX / UI Design - How does it work?

Our process for UX and UI follows these principles:

Behavioral design

People love platforms that account for how they feel & think. These are the insights behavioral design provides.

User testing

The compass ensuring a platform’s utility
& appeal is the study of the people using it. The sooner this study is launched, the higher the returns it delivers.

Return on investment

A platform’s success is measured in relation to quantifiable goals. Failure can be useful, when we learn from it.

UX/UI Engagement Models

When you choose us your design provider, you have the option to hire us for project work, or on an ongoing retainer basis.
Project Work

Hiring us per project makes sense when you have a good grasp of your project’s scope-of-work, and can provide a detailed brief (see below) fully defining the expected project scope. Examples of project-based work could be:

  • Design for hire – You need 50 screen wireframes designed and prepped for developers to work on.
  • UX research – You want to conduct some UX research and need us to recruit, observe, and summarize findings on how users are able to complete given tasks in your app.
  • UI surveys – You want to run a survey and have people rate their satisfaction with your existing design.

For project work we provide fixed cost estimates for the scope-of-work in your brief. You will know in advance exactly what you’re getting, and what it’s will cost you.

Design Retainer

Working with us on retainer makes sense when your project has exploratory aspects

  • Perhaps user flows still require some thought.
  • Maybe you’d like to investigate more than one wireframe / screen options.
  • Etc.

Our retainer arrangement guarantees you an agreed number of designer days each month, and gives you all the freedom you need to utilize this time as you need.

A project is only ever as good as the brief

One of the most important steps on your path to marketing success is your project brief.
A good brief will help you avoid miscommunications, wasted $$$, and missed deadlines.

We know sometimes getting your thoughts in order is hard, so we’re happy to share with you the brief template our team uses, to help you get started. Remember – The more detailed your answers on the brief questions, the easier things will be for you later on…

Vimi - Client Website Brief

UX/UI Project Timeline

With your brief ready, the next point you need to consider is the project delivery process. We’ve spent a decade developing a successful design delivery workflow which we will follow for your project. These are the major milestones you can expect from start to finish:
Introduction, planning and outline
Setting up
UI & UX Design

Introduction, planning and outline

Your UX / UI design project begins with a consultation to review and discuss your briefed needs, goals, scope, timeline and budget. The goal of this session is to ensure we all see eye-to-eye on your desired outcomes. With your project objectives and scope understood, we’ll deliver a response to your requirements that includes:

  • Suggested design team structure and team members
  • Estimated project timeline
  • A quotation for your consideration
  • Understand your business and design objectives.
  • Identify current situation and the benchmarks for success.
  • Clarify what results will make a meaningful impact for your organization.
  • Establish initial rapport and buy-in with your stakeholders.
  • Introduce our team & working methodology
  • Discovery summary brief.
  • Plan summary & schedule for your UX / UI project.
  • Proposal.

Within 2 weeks of receiving your deposit.


Setting up

After your requirements are clarified and agreed, and contracting and payments are sorted, we’ll set up the shared accounts and repositories necessary to support your project.

  • Create the shared working environment: drive folders, Smart Task project, Figma account, etc.
  • Introduce stakeholders to the project’s agreed governance and work processes.
  • Collate briefing materials and artefacts in the shared project repository.
  • Shared drive folder containing all existing project artefacts.
  • User accounts as needed
  • Shared project on the agreed project management tool

1-2 days


UI & UX Design

Once you approve the work plan, and our team has access to your materials, we’ll start working on your project. We use weekly sprints for review and task assignment. If your project has a steering committee that approves works, we’d like to meet them once every two weeks for catch-up and approvals.

  • Designers create and develop project artefacts matching the brief, agreed SOW, and process.
  • Steering committee engagement and approvals.
  • Full project transparency and visibility for your team at all times.

Depending on the scope of work this may include:

  • Choice architecture
  • Process diagrams
  • Personas empathy maps
  • User stories
  • Visual designs
  • User interface design for iOS / Android / Desktop / Kiosk / Etc.
  • Design process documentation

As agreed during the project estimation



When it’s time to handover the project to your team, we’re happy to offer training and documentation as needed. Alternatively, you can retain us as your UX / UI partner.


Enable smooth delivery and handover of design artefacts and project materials to your team(s).


Depending on the scope of work this may include:

  • Project documentation & change logs
  • Training session

2-5 days – Depending on the project’s scope.

Who’s in your UX/UI project team?

One of our managing partners will head your project team & will guarantee you get the great UX & UI you need. Depending on the scope-of-work in your brief, your delivery team may include any, or all, of the following:

Project Manager

The team’s work will be coordinated by one of our Project Managers. They’ll lead your project and serve as your primary point of contact. They’re responsible to:

  • Ensure your project proceeds according to the agreed brief.
  • Keeping you informed of progress
  • Getting stakeholders’ sign-offs as needed.
    Typically, our project managers will check in with you for a formal meeting once a week, and will manage day-to-day communication via email and chat.

UX and UI designers

Our design team has years of experience working on projects that have generated millions of dollars in revenue, and, in the case of apps, reached millions of downloads. We’ll ensure your project is easy-to-use, compliant with design best practices, and promotes your company image as a credible and professional provider. Our team includes

  • Behavioral designers
  • User experience designers
  • User interface designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Information architects
  • UX writers
  • Copywriters

Managing partner

For design projects, we allocate one of our managing partners to chair your project team to provide overview, guidance and supervision. We not only guarantee you’ll get your deliverables as agreed, but also commit to go the extra mile to support your business via our network and partners.

Vimi stood out with their results oriented approach, good governance, & strict adherence to deadlines. I look forward to working with them again

Edward Morales
Business Director – ECommerce, Minor Corp

Why us?

Our Promise to You
Our team routinely designs successful websites, apps, and software projects for globally recognized brands, corporations and NGOs . While we’ve specialized in handling industrial clients, our experience ranges across a variety of sectors, giving us a broad understanding for the needs, goals, and expectations of a diverse range of stakeholders.
Over the years we’ve learned a design project’s success depends on:
  • Communication – Regular and honest dialog allowing stakeholders to share their inputs and concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment.
  • Dedication – and patience to learn the unique circumstances of the project.
  • Excellence – in content, design, technical delivery and work processes.
We promise we’ll follow these principles in all our dealings with you, in order to deliver a project that effectively supports the accomplishment of your goals.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a detailed written specification listing the requirements of your project, we can give you a costing estimate for your scope-of-work within a couple of days. If you haven’t prepped a written spec yet, we’re happy to help you write it, en-route to a budget estimation.
As per the previous question – If you’re ready with a written spec for your scope-of-work, we can give you a projected delivery timeline for your project within a couple of days. Otherwise, if you’re not ready with a detailed brief document, we’re happy to help you write it, en-route to a schedule estimate.
Yes, our copywriters and UX writers are happy to prepare the content for your designs.
Yes – Our engagement contract explicitly states that we’re providing you with “work-for-hire”, and all rights on the design are yours once all due payments are completed. We’re also happy to sign any documents you need, and can provide, for this purpose.

Vimi’s team collaborates effectively with our in-house team to deliver & enhance our core platforms & apps. We are seeing quantifiable ROI across the board

Eddie Lui
Managing Director, Rabbit Rewards

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