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True Shopping

True-Shopping is a joint venture between True GS , GS – Koreas’ top online home shopping platform, True Visions PCL, CP All, and The Mall Group. The venture is a leader in meeting consumer’s home shopping needs for fashion, cosmetics, supplements, and similar products.

Target audiences

True-Shopping targets Thai middle class urban populations.

Unique Value Proposition

The True-Shopping team offers top-selling products at the best prices possible. The brand recognizes Thai consumers have a wide variety of lifestyles and require a corresponding variety of products to accommodate their needs. It’s this understanding that led the brand’s managers to offer good selections of products across a variety of categories, including beauty, fashion, food supplements, kitchen, health, and home shopping.

The Project - Scope of Work

Vimi supported the True-Shopping team by enhancing conversions and sales on the company’s website through the integration of a proprietary cutting edge AI solution that personalizes and optimizes product recommendations to every shopper on-the-fly and in real-time.

The widgets Vimi integrated into the True-Shopping website ensure every shopper receives unique smart recommendations and sales-driven messaging based on their personal journey. By providing this level of personalized experience the platform increased conversions on the site by 200%.

The outcome

Within 3 months of launching the widgets on the True-Shopping website, Vimi’s widgets contributed to 22.6% of the sales on the site. Products promoted through the widgets accounted for nearly 6% of the site’s entire revenue. Furthermore, users interacting with these widgets stayed on the site more than 2.5 times longer.

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