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Scubago are a global tourism company that offers an easy way to book dive courses, trips, and liveaboards. They offer diving destinations in over 50 countries and cater to divers at every skill level with a vast selection of diving experiences. Whether you’re planning your next dive or looking for a unique underwater adventure, Scubago connects you with the best dive centers and liveaboards worldwide.

Target audiences

Scubago’s target audience includes divers of all levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts looking for their next adventure underwater. The platform caters to individuals seeking to discover the beauty of marine life across different destinations, offering a convenient and comprehensive way to book their diving journeys.

Unique Value Proposition

Scubago’s unique value proposition is its comprehensive online platform that simplifies the process of booking dive trips, courses, and liveaboards across over 50 countries. It stands out by offering divers of all levels easy access to a wide range of underwater experiences and destinations worldwide, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly way to plan and compare diving adventures.

The Project - Scope of Work

Scubago hired us to build an MVP to test a new design paradigm for their website, with the goal being an increase of conversions thanks to better UX-UI design. We built a working MVP based on a heavily customized implementation of WordPress and Woocommerce. Upon testing this MVP with traffic sourced using Google ads, Scubago discovered our MVP was converting 10x better than their primary site.

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