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Loved working with VIMI team. Always clear and helpful throughout the project. They are highly professional and respond extremely quickly and efficiently to any requests. Looking forward to work with VIMI again in the future

Chakrit Vorachacreyanan
Senior Executive Vice President, Rockworth Ltd.



Rockworth Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based manufacturer, distributor and marketer of quality office system furniture. Established in 1972, the company has since become recognized for its design concepts and after-sales service. Today Rockworth has more than 700 dedicated employees and serves clients through a global network of authorized dealers in 22 countries.

Target audiences

Rockworth’s global target audiences are architects, interior-designers, operations directors, and professionals who serve as the decision makers for their company’s office furniture selections.

Unique Value Proposition

Rockworth’s value proposition stems from the company’s unfaltering commitment to the quality of its products and the service levels it offers its clients. Rockworth prides itself on the versatility its furniture solutions provide, as well as the innovative and flexible design concepts it leverages to meet the widest possible variety of installation requirements.

The Project - Scope of Work

Rockworth’s previous website had reached the end of its lifecycle and the company identified that the time had come for a redesign and rebuild. Rockworth approached Vimi to help them create their new website and fulfill the following goals:
  1. Create a website worthy of Rockworth’s position as a global leader in premium office furniture.
  2. Update the website’s look and feel to match current trends and best practices.
  3. Update the website’s technology to match current best-practice, and allow for easy on-going updates by the company’s in-house team.

The outcome

Rockworth’s new global website was delivered to the clients’ full satisfaction, and Vimi continues to support the company with timely updates upon request.

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