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Build your ride-hailing, messenger and delivery services on our proven platform, and start earning from your first day.


Their team’s enthusiasm, experience and market knowledge ensured I came in on budget and on time, could not be happier

Gareth Kerr
Founder, evRiderz
Ride-sharing mobility apps like Uber and Grab are both pioneers and market leaders of the gig economy. By combining door-to-door transport and logistics for customers, with flexible income streams for drivers, ride-sharing services provide value to all stakeholders.

With Vimi.Ride you can offer mobility-as-a-service as a provider, and gain access to the commercial opportunities available to dispatchers:

  • Generate revenue by connecting drivers and customers
  • Optimize rides with real-time route data
  • Facilitate transactions
  • Collect rider and customer feedback
  • Set pricing and policies
  • Supervise driver enrollment
  • Etc. etc…

Working with Vimi was instrumental in our delivery of timely solutions to our clients

Jon De-Potter
Managing Principal,

Who is it for?

Vimi.Ride is designed to help you run a broad range of mobility services:
  • Rides and passenger operations for taxis, limousine services, passenger vans and buses.
  • Delivery, logistics and moving vans
  • Motorcycle, bike and messenger services
  • Etc.
If your business mobilizes people and goods, VIMI.ride will streamline your operations and add value to your customers, employees and partners.

Ride-Sharing as a Service -
The Benefits

Build your success on our experience

Building a ride-sharing platform from scratch is costly and, without the benefit of experience, mistakes are inevitable. Why risk it?

VIMI.ride is a proven platform that supports ride-sharing success stories throughout APAC. If, like most of our customers, you want to launch your business quickly, and don’t want to pay unfair commissions to monopolistic providers, VIMI.ride is the solution for you.

We’ve invested years developing and improving our platform in real-world scenarios to guarantee you have the technology and infrastructure you need to succeed, straight out of the box.

Supporting your business with our proven tech lets you focus on building your success through operational and marketing excellence – Where you can really make a difference.

VIMI.ride has all the features you need to run a successful ride-hailing and logistics business – built-in, tested, and proven. Our customizable Ride-Sharing Business Development infrastructure will get you fully operational in a fraction of the time it would take compared to building from scratch, and our platform is fully scalable to expand with you as your service grows.

Convenience and safety for both customers and drivers

VIMI.ride’s passenger app puts your services in the palm of your customers’ hands.
With proven and tested apps for both iOS and Android, your clients can request, book, and pay with their phone, with ease from anywhere.

Your drivers will love the VIMI.ride driver app. With it they can fulfill ride requests quickly and easily. It also lets them track their earnings and status at any time.

Driver tracking and reviewing functions not only promote customer safety and service reliability, they also give you real-time data on the performance of your drivers.

Drivers earn more

VIMI.ride’s driver app makes it easy for your drivers to earn money by accepting and completing rides and deliveries. Regardless of whether your drivers are employees or independent contractors, the app always directs them to the closest opportunities, and expands ranges automatically when the closest drivers are unavailable.

Scheduled trips are supported as well, so even drivers operating as independent contractors can choose how, when, and where they earn.

Drivers can use the app to view their earnings at any time, and are encouraged to review customers as well, in order to create a mutually cooperative ecosystem.


Fully customizable oversight

VIMI.ride’s administrator panels were designed to make managing your mobility services and maintaining business operations as easy as possible. Whether it’s marketing insights you’re after, or compliance requirements that your business need to follow – with VIMI.ride all your data is at your fingertips:

  • Customer and usage statistics.
  • All ride data is logged on VIMI.ride, and is accessible to you at any time.
  • Driver and customer ratings.
  • Drivers’ license and registration renewals are logged and reminders are sent automatically.
  • Financial, operational, and marketing reports are available for download on demand.

VIMI.ride is designed to be white-labeled – Your customers and drivers will only ever see your logo and corporate identity.

What Are You Getting?

VIMI.ride Features

VIMI.ride is built on years of working experience to guarantee your mobility business runs operations smoothly from day-1. Our basic package covers everything you’ll need to get going, while the advanced add-ons provide extra flexibility and growth opportunities, as needed:

Passenger app features

Available on both iOS and Android

  • Signup with email, Facebook, or Google
  • SMS validation
  • View inbound driver profile (including photo)
  • Search, pin-drop, & automated location finder for pickup & drop-off
  • Immediate & scheduled rides
  • Full ride & fare log
  • Sliding scale ride cancellation fees
  • Driver ratings & reviews
  • In-app call to inbound driver
  • In-app support, e.g. report issues or make requests
  • Pre-booking fare estimator
  • Real-time view of nearby drivers
  • Share rides with other members
  • Cash payments
  • Favorite routes
  • Promo codes
  • Vehicle type selection
Driver app features
Available on both iOS and Android
  • Signup with email, Facebook, or Google
  • SMS validation
  • Profile with photo for passenger convenience
  • Automated dispatching of nearest ride requests
  • Immediate & scheduled rides
  • Full ride, earning, review log
  • Ride cancellation with automated dispatch reporting
  • Passenger ratings & reviews
  • In-app messaging to passenger
  • In-app support, e.g. report issues or make requests
  • Cash payments
  • Hourly / daily rates
  • Promo codes
  • Multiple vehicle registration
Dispatcher and administrator features

Available as a web-app

  • Central & granular control of fares per km / minute
  • Invoicing controls
  • Add / remove / edit / suspend drivers
  • Driver performance tracking & alerts
  • Vehicle registration & insurance tracking & alerts (includes document scans)
  • Passenger enrollment tracking & notifications
  • Operations and marketing reports
  • Map view of fleet location & driver status
  • Book & manage rides
  • Special fares / tariffs for set destinations (e.g. airports)
  • Hourly / daily rates
  • Create & manage passenger promo codes
  • Support cash payments
  • Support for promotion codes allowing discounts
  • Multiple vehicle types
  • Affiliates / partner operators

Need more? Just ask!

Not seeing the features you need listed? No worries! Tell us what you’re missing and we’ll figure out how to make it happen.

How does it work?

Our process follows these principles:

Behavioral design

People love platforms that account for how they feel & think. These are the insights behavioral design provides.

User testing

The compass ensuring a platform’s utility
& appeal is the study of the people using it. The sooner this study is launched, the higher the returns it delivers.

Return on investment

A platform’s success is measured in relation to quantifiable goals. Failure can be useful, when we learn from it.

A project is only ever as good as the brief

A crucial step along your path to success is your project brief.
A good brief will save you the pain of wasted $$$ and missed deadlines.

We know getting your thoughts in order is hard, so we’re happy to share with you the brief template we use, to help you get started. Remember – Providing detailed responses to the brief questions will greatly simplify things for you later in your process….

Vimi - Client Website Brief
To get you up and running we follow proven workflows we’ve been perfecting for over a decade:
Requirements gathering and planning

While VIMI.ride is a turnkey solution, your business is unique. In order to ensure you gain the full benefits of the platform we need to understand how you plan to use it. In the first stages of the project we’ll work with you to implement your operational requirements before launching your system.

Dedicated Project Manager

Your assigned Project Manager will keep you up-to-date on your project’s progress, and will ensure you approve any decisions that need to be taken. They’ll check-in with you at least once a week to make sure you’re informed and happy.

Going the Extra Mile

One of our managing partners will chair your project team and receive updates on progress daily. We not only guarantee we’ll get you up-and-running as promised, but we also commit to go the extra mile to support your business via our network of partners.


Vimi stood out with their results oriented approach, good governance, & strict adherence to deadlines. I look forward to working with them again

Edward Morales
Business Director – ECommerce, Minor Corp

Project Milestones

These are the milestones your ride-hailing system deployment will follow from start to finish:

Initial brief
System deployment setup
Ride sharing system deployment and testing
VIMI.ride deployment handover
Warranty and maintenance

Initial brief

As mentioned above, understanding the particulars of how you plan to run your mobility business typically takes a few introductory meetings. The objective is to ensure that we understand your operational flows, timelines and goals. We’re always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you so that you feel safe and secure when sharing this information with us.

  • Understand your business goals and how you hope to use VIMI.ride to support them.
  • Identify your existing situation & success benchmarks.
  • Clarify results that will be meaningful for your company.
  • Create dialog & build trust with you and your teammates.
  • Introduce our team & working practices.
  • Discovery summary brief.
  • Plan summary & schedule for your deployment.
  • Proposal detailing deliverables, and timelines

This phase usually takes a few meetings. We normally allocate between a few days to a couple of weeks to it.


System deployment setup

Once we’re all clear on your requirements we’ll issue a deployment plan and set up your deployment’s working environment.

  • Create a shared working environment.
  • Collate your brand materials and set up your application accounts.
  • Clarify working processes to all stakeholders.
  • Ensure project progress transparency for your team at all times.
  • Shared drive folder(s).
  • Shared project on the agreed project management platform – Asana / Trello / Jira / etc.
  • Cloud hosting for development and testing.
  • Accounts on Google’s Playstore & Apple’s App-store.

This stage shouldn’t take more than a week.


Ride sharing system deployment and testing

We run all VIMI.ride on the cloud using cloud based project management tools. As your deployment progresses you’ll be updated by your assigned PM on our progress, and the results of our internal quality assurance tests regularly. Once our own in-house QA team is satisfied with the deployment, we’ll invite you to start reviewing your platform.

  • Delivery of VIMI.ride according to the agreed scope and schedule.
  • Ensure the platform functions as specified in the project documents.
  • Apps available for testing on iOS and Android.
  • Administrator console available for review and testing.

Deploying VIMI.ride, customizing it to your brand and requirements, hooking it up to your payment processor, and running tests to confirm everything works as expected should take about 12 weeks.


VIMI.ride deployment handover

Once you sign-off on your deployment’s handover we’ll train your team on how to use it and provide the relevant user-manuals. When you’re ready to “go live” we’ll launch the platform for you.

  • Enable a smooth delivery & handover of your mobility business to your team.
  • Make sure your team knows how to operate VIMI.ride.
  • Help you go live.
  • Documentation and user manuals explaining how to operate and manage your deployment of VIMI.ride.
  • Training for your operations team

We allocate a couple of training days to supporting your team over a period of two weeks.


Warranty and maintenance

We provide, as a standard, a 12 month extendable warranty for bug-fixes for all deployments of VIMI.ride, and offer retainer based support for ongoing maintenance to ensure your deployment, and the software infrastructure it relies on, are always updated to the latest security patches and upgrades.

  • Ensure your deployment’s ongoing stability.
  • Provide support to “keep the lights on”
  • Support according to the agreed Service Level Agreement.

Support packages are normally negotiated for periods of 6-24 months.


Vimi stood out with their results oriented approach, good governance, & strict adherence to deadlines. I look forward to working with them again

Edward Morales
Business Director – ECommerce, Minor Corp

Who will you be working with?

Your Website Delivery Team
Your VIMI.ride deployment team will be led by one of our senior project managers. The team will share your project’s progress with our managing directors weekly so as to ensure delivery and service levels are aligned with our standards. We value the trust you’re investing in us and commit to always go the extra mile to support the success of your project. Your deployment team includes:

Project manager

Your Project Manager leads your deployment project and is always your first point of contact. Their job is to make sure your deployment of VIMI.ride proceeds according to the agreed plan and timeline. They’ll arrange a recurring weekly project meeting with you to receive your feedback, and give you progress updates.

App UX and UI designers

Leading the effort to ensure your deployment of VIMI.ride is customized according to your corporate identity guidelines is our team of UX/UI designers. They have years of experience working on applications that have achieved downloads totalling in the millions, and will make sure your deployment promotes your company’s image as a credible and capable provider.

App developers

The customization and implementation of your VIMI.ride deployment is led by our skilled team of developers.

Why us?

Our Promise to You
Our team routinely designs, builds and launches successful websites and apps for globally recognized brands, corporations and NGOs . While we’ve specialized in handling industrial clients, our experience ranges across a variety of sectors, giving us a broad understanding for the needs, goals, and expectations of a diverse range of stakeholders.
Over the years we’ve learned a digital project’s success depends on:
  • Communication – Regular and honest dialog allowing stakeholders to share their inputs and concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment.
  • Dedication – and patience to learn the unique circumstances of the project.
  • Excellence – in content, design, technical delivery and work processes.

We promise we’ll follow these principles in all our dealings with you, in order to build you a website that effectively supports the accomplishment of your goals.

Frequently asked questions

While VIMI.ride is a comprehensive mobility-as-a-service solution, the particulars of each deployment can vary quite a lot. Contact us today to get a preliminary estimate based on the parameters of your expected business use case.

Deploying an instance of VIMI.ride, that’s fully customized to the particulars of your business, and is aligned with your brand guidelines takes ~2.5 months.

Yes, we’re very happy to help you lay the ground for the successful launch of your mobility as a service business. Talk to us today about your vision and budget, and we’ll be glad to support you in any way we can.

We offer a no-nonsense 6 month extendable warranty that guarantees we fix free of charge and without delay, any bugs that slipped through our pre-launch quality checks.

This free warranty can be extended with hosting and maintenance packages to guarantee your deployment and its supporting infrastructure run smoothly, and are scheduled for regular system updates and upgrades.


Been getting great feedback! Brilliant work by you guys! Thank you!

Amit Sachdev
Founder, Stroll Guam

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