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Dart Brunei


Dart Brunei





Dart Brunei

Dart is a first ride-hailing and mobility platform launched in Brunei in 2017, and operating as a pilot under a special dispensation provided by the government. The app supports customers looking to ride and drivers wanting to offer their services are easily accessible through the free-to-download app, and new drivers are recruited via the website.

Target audiences

Dart provides Brunei’s residents and tourists with ride hailing and taxi services.

Unique Value Proposition

Dart is the only solution in Brunei that enables residents to book cab rides or hail partnered drivers.

The Project - Scope of Work

Vimi was hired by Dart to build their iOS and Android apps, as well as the backend admin components of their mobility platform. The scope of work also included creating the APIs, and databases needed to support operations.

The outcome

Dart’s appeal to the community goes beyond facilitating convenient and accessible transportation – The company offers Bruneians new opportunities for work

The keys to a successful ride hailing app are ease of use and transparency in operations and billing – Both goals were accomplished in the Dart platform – customers and drivers are provided cost estimates for every ride, and all users can review their experience, to support the ongoing improvement of the service.

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