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Rabbit Rewards Subscription


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Rabbit Rewards Subscription

The Rabbit card, issued by the BSSC Ltd., a partner of Bangkok’s mass transit system (the BTS Skytrain), and the Bank of Thailand, is an online transaction network that allows passengers to transact and pay for their public transport.

Rabbit Rewards is the loyalty program for the Rabbit card and the BTS. The program provides passengers access to promotions, games, vendor partnerships, and cashless transactions at thousands of program-partner-vendors.

Target audiences

Rabbit Rewards’ primary target audience are urban computers. Two of every three program members are women residents of Bangkok aged 25-45 working in the city.

Unique Value Proposition

The Rabbit Rewards platform is the only provider of discounts and benefits for travel on the skytrain. Daily commuters wishing to reduce their expenses must join the program to get discounted rides.

The Project - Scope of Work

Vimi is a partner vendor for Rabbit Rewards, and is responsible for conceptualizing, creating and maintaining features of the system for a few years. This particular project was focused on supporting a new product offering from Rabbit Rewards – Ride subscription packages for daily commuters. The project included work on the Rabbit Rewards frontend apps and work in partnership with the Rabbit card’s IT team to support integration of this new feature into legacy components that handle billing, customer profiles, etc.

The outcome

Rabbit Rewards and the BTS are actively promoting the subscription product to program members, and it has become a source of new revenue for the organization.

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