B2B Digital Marketing 360

Are you selling enough? Build your sales pipeline and get leads for more B2B business

We’re consistently delighted by the marketing strategies developed by Vimi, as well as the quality & on time execution they deliver. Vimi is now part of our strategic marketing mix & we continue to collaborate on multiple projects. We heartily recommend them as a provider

Remko Vleesch Dubois
CEO, Kirloskar Brothers Thailand Ltd.
B2B Marketing is Changing…
The recent pandemic has transformed how we think about B2B lead generation.

Before Covid, B2B business development was done mostly through traveling and trade shows, but nowadays people no longer appreciate the risk and exposure of exhibitions and travel.

Because the Market is Changing
Furthermore rising budget pressures are prompting forward-thinking B2B companies to reconsider expenses and increase efficiency. For many market leaders this means:

  • Focusing operations and HR on competencies key to the company’s Unique Value Proposition, while outsourcing wider-skill-set proficiencies, such as marketing, to specialist agencies.
  • Allocating increasing budgets to digital marketing resources.

Are you preparing
New challenges are an opportunity for leaders and companies to innovate – For us that meant taking a fresh look at how we could provide our B2B clients with valuable, practical and cost-effective marketing solutions.

If you too feel it’s time for a fresh perspective for how digital marketing can fill your sales pipeline, you’re in the right place!


Your Plug-and-Play B2B Marketing Solution

Whether you’re looking for a fresh-take on your existing marketing efforts, or seeking to launch your organization’s online marketing for the first time, we’ve got you covered.

RELATIONSHIP B2B360 is a package of marketing solutions that offer an effective, pragmatic and financially sound approach to Digital Marketing for B2B companies that comprehensively covers the full range of marketing needs, and can be scaled as an enhancement to your existing in-house marketing department, up to a fully outsourced solution.


Good marketing begins with good intelligence. RELATIONSHIP360 packages include access to the latest and greatest digital marketing intelligence in your field. With us you’ll know:

  • What are the hottest topics in your industry at the moment?
  • What key-phrases are likeliest to yield relevant leads for your business?
  • Who are Twitters’ top influencers in your field?
  • ETC

Strategy and Planning

Intelligence without an actionable strategy is the realm of academia. We’re here to get stuff done!… The strategy and planning component of RELATIONSHIP 360 is how we help you decide on your best responses to questions like:

  • How should marketing budgets be allocated to provide a solid return on investment in relation to set goals?
  • What alternatives exist and what are the risk factors involved?
  • How can strategies be evaluated, and what metrics matter most for each purpose?
  • ETC


With strategy and plans set, we can move on to implementation.

Each RELATIONSHIP 360 package is tailored to both achieving your company’s unique vision of its long term goals, and maintaining the tactical agility needed for effectively responding to the current market’s rapidly evolving conditions.

Every month we’ll be creating your digital marketing collateral, syndicating your messaging to the most relevant target audiences, and helping you select which, of the following tactics, are best suited to deliver results:

  • Contact and lead list development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Ecommerce Revenue Boost


Analyzing campaign efficacy, and providing you with accountability for our delivery through the submissions of comprehensive monthly performance reports, are a routine that is critical to guarantee a process of gradual improvement in your digital marketing ROI. This why your RELATIONSHIP 360 package includes a Monthly Accountability and Analysis meeting, with this agenda:

  • Actions taken – We’ll present which activities were performed on your behalf, and their relevant performance metrics.
  • Performance evaluation – We’ll evaluate together how these performance metrics measure up to your expectations and our commitments.
  • Actions for next month – We’ll plan and agree on the course of action for the following month.

Relationships are Key to B2B

In the post pandemic B2B businesses are getting most of their leads from digital channels that include their websites, SEO, email campaigns and executive Linkedin accounts. Relationships that were once primarily face-to-face, have evolved to be zoom-to-zoom and meet-to-meet. To be successful at accomplishing your marketing goals you need to evolve with them. RELATIONSHIP 360 is our best way to support you in that process, by:

  • Giving you the empirical marketing data you need to make the best business decisions.
  • Driving awareness for your solutions, events and brand.
  • Providing your sales team with quality verified leads to approach and close.
We look forward to working with you!

We have nothing but great things to say about Vimi & their service…Their method of working assisted us greatly in defining our needs & their work has been very good value for money. Deadlines were met

Andreas Franz
Operation Manager, I.L.S. Co., Ltd. (Integrated Logistics Services)

What are you getting?

A one-stop-shop for effective B2B digital marketing

The marketing strategy and activities we run for you are planned to deliver measurable results within the agreed period, while maintaining uncompromising standards for content, design and performance.

We have a proven track record working with corporations, manufacturers and NGOs to deliver best-in-class digital marketing assets, and we’re committed to your success because: “When you win, we win…”


B2B Marketing Intelligence

Good performance begins with good data. RELATIONSHIP 360 packages give you access, through your campaign team, to a selection of paid data sources that provide a holistic and useful view of the current state of digital marketing in your industry.

B2B Marketing Strategy

To guarantee your marketing is successful it’s crucial to first identify how your marketing strategy and campaigns support your organization’s needs, and validate you’re delivering optimal experiences to your customers. Together we’ll review your needs and advise how you can address concerns identified during the Research and Analysis phases.

A typical strategy could include multiple tactics coordinated to generate a synergy in outcomes, like in the example below:

Using remarketing to convert leads

B2B Marketing Execution and Analysis

Every month we’ll be providing you with a combination of services that cover:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Marcomm design
  • Syndication

The scope of your package determines how much effort can be allocated to the channels of your choice:

  • Contact and lead list development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising.
  • Ecommerce revenue boosting

Choose the RELATIONSHIP 360 Package for you

RELATIONSHIP 360 is offered at 3 tiers, suitable for brand, corporate and enterprise needs.
All packages combine Research, Campaign, and Auditing components. The higher tier packages also give you access to additional data sources on your industry and competitors, and offer additional monthly campaigns.

Research and Audits
Marketing Intelligence
Competitor Intelligence
Monthly marketing campaigns
  • Pilot – 3 months
  • Repeat customer – 6 months (+1 month free)
Research and Audits*
Marketing Intelligence**
Competitor Intelligence***
Monthly marketing campaigns
  • Pilot – 3 months
  • Repeat customer – 6 months (+1 month free)

Your RELATIONSHIP360 B2B Marketing Package - What’s Included

Research and Audit
Available for all packages:
Speed test

Tags: Brand performance, Technical maintenance and upgrades
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Identify your website’s speed in comparison to Google’s normalized benchmarks.

Brand website's search rankings, by keyword

Tags: Brand Performance, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Lists the number of keywords your website has showing in the top 5, 10, 20 and 50 positions, as well as the site’s current and tracked record of keyword rankings. Tracked keywords data includes Search Volume and Google ads value.

Google crawled pages

Tags: Brand Performance, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Shows which of your website’s pages Google is indexing.

Backlinks audit

Tags: Brand Performance, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Checks your website’s backlink profile – including change over time.

Landing page elements audit

Tags: Brand Performance, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Audit of your landing page(s) in relation to the elements Google recommends for user preferences and improved search rankings.

Content audit

Tags: Brand Performance, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: (1) Check your website for: thin, duplicated, or plagiarized content. (2) List the site’s most and least popular content (requires Google Analytics access).

Content SEO errors

Tags: Brand Performance, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Check your website for repeated, short, or missing titles, descriptions, or H1’s.

Technical audit

Tags: Brand performance, Technical maintenance and upgrades
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Check your website for: SSL, IP blacklisting, server errors, pages showing error responses, missing code or image resources, correct 404 page display, Robots.TXT errors, sitemap status, page speeds and load times.

User profile summary

Tags: Brand performance
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Summary of your website visitors’ data, including: devices, locations (cities), channels (requires Google Analytics access).

User behaviour summary

Tags: Brand performance
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Summary of how visitors are interacting with your website, including: traffic volumes, time on site, number of pages viewed, bounce rates, etc. (requires Google Analytics access).

Social media performance

Tags: Brand performance, Social media marketing
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Brand engagement report including: audience demographics and engagement, top hashtags, activity per content type. Data is as made available by the service (Select your preferred channel – Linkedin (page / personal), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

User session recordings and heatmap generation (optional add-on)

Tags: Brand performance, UX / UI
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: See how individual users are engaging with your website on a per session level, and see aggregated sessions as graphical heatmaps.

Marketing Intelligence

Available for Corporate and Enterprise clients:
Keyword ideas

Tags: SEO, Content
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Get keywords to focus your content efforts on according to their search volume and value.

Top performing content

Tags: SEO, Content
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Identify the best performing content across the web for your selected industry or topic. Gain high level insights by location and period for overall engagement trends, top authors, popular content types, reading levels, etc.

Top Twitter influencers

Tags: Marketing intelligence, Social media marketing
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Identify Twitter influencers for a given topic or industry, and see their: follow numbers, top hashtags, and recent tweets.

Predictive eye tracking

Tags: Marketing intelligence, UX / UI
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: See eye-tracking insights for up to 3 selected web-page and advertising graphics from your own organization, or for your competitors materials.

Email contact review

Tags: Marketing intelligence, Email marketing
Recurrence: Quarterly, or by request
Description: Validate the emails in your team’s aggregated address book, to validate which are still viable.

Competitor Intelligence

Available for Corporate and Enterprise clients:
Social media competition report

Tags: Competitor intelligence, Social media marketing
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Comparison of your Facebook page’s performance to that of a selected competitor.

Top organic competitors

Tags: Competitor intelligence, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: See the websites competing for the top Google spots for your target keywords.

Keyword gap

Tags: Competitor intelligence, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: See keywords for which your competitors have good Google rankings, but you don’t.

Competitor's backlinks

Tags: Competitor intelligence, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: Lists the inbound links supporting your competitors’ websites’ search rankings, so that you can secure a better link portfolio and eventually gain a better search ranking.

Competitor's landing page elements audit

Tags: Competitor intelligence, SEO
Recurrence: Monthly
Description: See which landing page elements your competitor’s websites are leveraging to support their best Google rankings.

Monthly Marketing Campaigns

Available for all clients. Brand clients can run 1 campaign each month, while Corporate and Enterprise clients can run 2 , 3 or more campaigns, according to their package. Choose which of the following campaign types you want to run each month:

Contact and lead list development – Receive a monthly supply of hundreds of email and phone leads for your sales team to work with. Your list can be curated according to your specifications for industry, role, location, company size and preferred contact method.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO remains an important component of B2B marketing. Making sure your target customers can find you easily on Google is always a good investment, as long as you’re aware that this tactic will likely take no less than 6 months to yield results.

Email Marketing – Emails and newsletters remain highly relevant tactics for B2B digital marketing, because they’re the only solution that allows for highly personalizable messaging, at an increasable scale, without calling for additional budget allocations.

Social Media Marketing – Leveraging Social Media* – Earning a reputation for being a reliable and insightful voice in your industry, requires a serious commitment to content development and syndication, but it’s one of a limited set of tactics that are proven to build awareness of your brand as a market leader.

Online Advertising – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and many other providers, offer an endless selection of advertising products that promise to deliver hot leads to your door, at cost-effective pricing. We’re here to help you understand the pros and cons of each platform, so that we can together decide where you’re likely to get the best bang-for-your-buck.

Ecommerce Revenue Boost – For our ecommerce clients we offer guaranteed revenue boosts from our exclusive partners at Dialogic. By integrating a plug-and-play AI into your product and checkout pages we’re able to personalize and optimize product recommendations and lift revenues by 3%-19%.

(*) – Linkedin primarily, but not exclusively…

B2B Marketing Principles

Our process follows these principles:

Behavioral design

People love platforms that account for how they feel & think. These are the insights behavioral design provides.

User testing

The compass ensuring a platform’s utility
& appeal is the study of the people using it. The sooner this study is launched, the higher the returns it delivers.

Return on investment

A platform’s success is measured in relation to quantifiable goals. Failure can be useful, when we learn from it.

"...A project is as good as its brief..."

One of the most important steps on your path to marketing success is your project brief. A good brief will help you avoid miscommunications, wasted $$$, and missed deadlines. We know sometimes getting your thoughts in order is hard, so we’re happy to share with you the brief template our team uses, to help you get started. Remember – The more detailed your answers on the brief questions, the easier things will be for you later on…
Vimi - B2B Digital Marketing Campaign Brief Template

How does it work?

As a RELATIONSHIP 360 partner you’re guaranteed clear, transparent and efficient delivery, structured around weekly Update Meetings with your Account Executive, and monthly Report-Review-and-Strategy sessions with one of our Directors. We’re happy to share a sample report with you at any time, to help set expectations – For details please contact us via chat, phone or email. Your peace of mind, and complete satisfaction, are our TOP priority.

Trustdock is a leader in digital identity verification.
We chose Vimi to create our global website. They’ve proven a reliable & valued partner that delivers on time & on spec. Vimi go the extra mile looking for ways to support our business, so naturally we’re happy to recommend them as a service provider

Jeff Bates
Global Markets Lead, Trustdock

Who will you be working with?

Your B2B marketing delivery team

To keep the working team accountable and up to our standards for quality and customer service, your project team will be directed by one of our managing partners, who will remain cc’ed on your project’s communications, and will join your monthly scheduled Summary and Strategy Meetings.

Building successful digital marketing campaigns requires successfully orchestrating cross-disciplinary efforts from:

Campaign Executives

Your Campaign Executive is the key person responsible for driving your project forward. They will have at least one weekly meeting with you, to share updates and receive feedback and guidance.

Copywriters and Designers

Hiring us to provide your digital marketing means we take full responsibility for providing all necessary copywriting and visual content for your campaigns. Your Campaign Executive will reach out to get your briefing points, feedback, and publication approval, for any materials that we create on your behalf.

Digital marketers

The campaign aspects of your marketing are supervised by specialized marketers who each focus on a particular aspect of digital marketing. Depending on which marketing campaigns you choose to deploy in any given month, your team may include experts in SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Why us?

Our Promise to You

Our team routinely designs, builds and launches successful websites and apps for globally recognized brands, corporations and NGOs . While we’ve specialized in handling industrial clients, our experience ranges across a variety of sectors, giving us a broad understanding for the needs, goals, and expectations of a diverse range of stakeholders.

Over the years we’ve learned a digital project’s success depends on:
  • Communication – Regular and honest dialog allowing stakeholders to share their inputs and concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment.
  • Dedication – and patience to learn the unique circumstances of the project.
  • Excellence – in content, design, technical delivery and work processes.

We promise we’ll follow these principles in all our dealings with you, in order to build you a website that effectively supports the accomplishment of your goals.

Frequently asked questions

The brand package listed above requires a monthly investment of ~฿30k. The minimal pilot period is 3 months – This gives us 2 months to learn your industry, and 1 month to implement our insights into your campaigns.

Insofar as time is concerned – You will need to be available for a weekly update meeting, and a monthly summary-and-strategy session. Both these meetings are held online, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Assuming you have provided us with your briefing, and all the necessary materials we need to create your campaign, you can assume your first campaigns will be live within 2-4 working weeks from your deposit payment.

Yes, we’re very happy to help you prepare the content for your campaigns. Your package covers all the copywriting and design required to deliver your campaigns, and you can choose to enhance it further with addo-ns like animation, quizzes and games, video, custom photography, etc.

Yes, your website is built using WordPress – The world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). With your Administrator dashboard access you’ll be able to easily edit, add and remove content from your website whenever you want.

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