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Rabbit Rewards Redesign

The Rabbit card is a contactless payment card that can be used to pay for fares on the Bangkok Skytrain (BTS). The card is issued by BSSC Ltd. in partnership with the BTS, under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand.

Rabbit Rewards is the loyalty program for the Rabbit card and the BTS. The program provides access to promotions, games, vendor partnerships, and cashless transactions at thousands of program-partner-vendors.

Target audiences

Rabbit Rewards is focused on providing loyalty programs for urban commuters. Two-thirds of program members are working women aged 25-45 who live in Bangkok. Rabbit Rewards is committed to helping these women get the most out of their daily commute.

Unique Value Proposition

Rabbit Rewards is the only platform providing discounts and benefits for travel on the Skytrain. Commuters who wish to reduce their expenses must join the program to get discounted rides.


The Project - Scope of Work

Vimi has been a partner vendor for Rabbit Rewards, and has been responsible for conceptualizing, creating and maintaining features of the system for a few years. The scope for this project revolved around a request from Rabbit Rewards to redesign their app and website to support their organization’s business vision and marketing plan.

Vimi delivered UX, UI, development, deployment and ongoing support for many key components of the Rabbit Rewards platform.

The outcome

Rabbit Rewards have seen extensive growth in their user community, and a decrease in customer dissatisfaction since introducing the new apps and platform. Vimi remains a vendor retained by Rabbit Rewards to support and develop the platform further.

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