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Human Rights Due Diligence


Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD)




UNDP selected Vimi as the provider of our Human Rights Self-Assessment Training Tool – a B2B platform that supports businesses’ understanding of human rights risks. We’re well impressed with the deliverables & the service we’ve gotten from team Vimi. Based on this we’ve engaged them for ongoing support of this project.

Sean Lees
Business & Human Rights Specialist


Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD)

The Human Rights Due Diligence procedure is used to determine human rights risks and choose the right risks to act on. With the Human Rights Self Assessment Training Tool, people are learning how to determine and pinpoint human rights risks. This tool is guided by the United Nations Development Program. Over the last few years, an intense debate has come into view about the role played by organizations in adjusting society’s welfare and security. As a result of that, more is being done to reduce harm and increase social dividends.

Target audiences

The Human Rights Self Assessment Training Tool was created to help organizations determine the likelihood and severity of relevance to their industries. With this tool, companies create heat maps for every risk to assist them in determining the most important areas to act on.

Unique Value Proposition

The HRSA training tool was created to assist the instructors and participants of the United Nations Development Program’s HRDD training. However, as a result of the interest expressed by several institutions, anybody can now enroll by filling out a registration form to use the tool. This enables the UNDP to have better insight into the needs of a wider audience, and how best to improve the tool further.

The Project - Scope of Work

UNDP selected Vimi as the provider of the Human Rights Self-Assessment Training Tool – a B2B webapp that helps businesses understand human rights risks they may be exposed to. Vimi was also tasked with creating a website to support the syndication of the webapp. Vimi delivered:

  • A syndication website based on WordPress, to allow for easy and independent updates by the UNDP team.
  • A custom web-app that enables businesses to answer a survey in order to receive a PDF heatmap showcasing the risk and severity of any human rights concerns a business is facing. The webapp allows UNDP staff to keep adding risks and questions to the risk assessment survey, to guarantee that more industries and concerns are covered by the project.
  • Warranty, hosting and maintenance services for both platforms.

The outcome

Building the Human Rights Due Diligence webapp has allowed businesses to reflect on their standing vs. human rights concerns with the confidence that:

  1. They’re getting their information from the most reliable source possible
  2. Their anonymity is protected – Companies needn’t fear that their responses will return to cause trouble later down the road…

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