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The Vimi team delivered an intuitive site redesign that enabled us to better promote our carbon reduction solutions and strengthen our brand, and remain our preferred partner for digital marketing services since. We’re well impressed with the team and the service we receive, and have requ

Olivia Fussell
Carbon Credit Capital



With over 130 years of history, Osotspa is one the world’s oldest active beverage producers. The company launched its bestselling M-150 brand in 1970, and today it sells over 700 million units annually. In 1978, Osotspa launched a slew of new products like Magnum, M-Sport, and Shark Energy Drink, expanding both domestically and abroad. Through continued product innovation and global expansion, Osotspa has achieved remarkable success. With offices worldwide, Osotspa exports its drinks globally while remaining rooted in its Thai heritage. The company went public in 2018, boosting the founding family’s net worth to over U$3BN, and cementing Osotspa’s legacy for years to come.

Target audiences

The target audience for the projects Osotspa assign to VIMI are the members of their vast sales organization – Primarily field agents who are responsible for stocking Osotpa products throughout Thailand.

The Project - Scope of Work

VIMI was tasked with creating the UX and UI for a mobile web app that serves these sales agents to collect and manage their clients’ orders and stock replenishments.

The outcome

Osotspa’s in-house development team are continuously improving their sales tools to enhance the productivity of their sales teams, and approach VIMI regularly for designs for new features and enhancements.

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