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UX-UI Design for Fintech –


In-house project




Introduction - A Fintech Calculator is an online service that helps knowledge and service providers with calculating how much to bill for their time and services. This is a project initiated in-house based on Vimi’s own needs in this area.

Target audiences

The target audience for are knowledge workers and service providers working as freelancers, or operating SMEs..

The Project - Scope of Work is currently in development – Contact us to register for the private launch.

Vimi handled all UX/UI design and development activities for in-house, including initial concept, prototyping, interface design, development, user testing and QA.

The team applied their expertise in behavioral design, user-centeric UX, and aesthetically-pleasing UI to build an easy-to-use and visually-appealing platform.


By tapping into their own experiences as freelancers, Vimi developed an intuitive UX that solves a real business challenge through well-crafted UI. highlights Vimi’s proficiency in end-to-end UX/UI design, and the delivery of polished digital product that meet concrete user needs.

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