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Aubo Website

Aubo Robotics is a global technology company established for the exploration, improvement, manufacture, and marketing of interactive robots. It was established as a result of the joint effort of specialists from China and the USA to create portable, collaborative, and advanced robots. It is the company’s aim to assist organizations in utilizing this tech to gain a competitive edge in their production environments.

Target audiences

The products manufactured at Aubo are used in Thailand by:

  • Industrial part organizations
  • System application engineering organizations
  • Engineering organizations.

Unique Value Proposition

Aubo Robotics offer cutting edge technology, built to exacting European standards, and at a cost-effective and affordable price, that meets the needs of the local market.

The Project - Scope of Work

Aubo hired Vimi to develop and design its website, while specifying that it should be easy to update by the company’s internal team, and match the latest trends and SOP for website design.

The outcome

The Aubo Robotics company website was delivered to the client’s full satisfaction. Since it went live, it has proven to be instrumental in helping the organization secure partnership deals with several dealers in Thailand.

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