Beehave & VIMI: Branding a B2B Digitalization Solution
April 2021

Beehave has been giving expert assistance with business process automation for many industries and is proud to debut its own new website design created in collaboration with Vimi. Customers can now learn more about Beehave’s tailor-made digital transformation services via its beautiful redesigned online home.


This new design features refreshed branding, a vibrant new logo, and an attractive user interface (UI) designed to enhance user experience (UX) on both computers and mobile devices. The improved website and branding design is as easy to use as Beehave’s business optimization solutions. It conveys the simplicity, security, and efficiency that they employ in all their tailored automation services.

Beehave: Building trust in business automation

Beehave assists businesses to optimize their processes by using cutting-edge technology and harnessing information from the vast human experience. Their custom-made automation solutions are designed keeping each individual company’s needs in mind to increase efficiency exactly as required. Beehave’s digitization process allows customers to control display, layouts, and the level of interaction with the platform so that it fits with each client’s needs perfectly. This approach, which prioritizes integrity, simplicity and universality is what has helped Beehave to effectively expand their business throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Beehave is proud to be a growing power in helping their clients improve their business through targeted digital transformations.


Vimi. Design and branding expertise

It’s no surprise that with their custom-built services and approach based on human experience, Beehave found a like-minded collaborator working with Vimi. Vimi. utilizes behavioral design to address its clients unique goals through digital marketing strategies. They specialize in serving B2B companies to enhance the scope of engagement with their clients through expert web design, app building, and content marketing. Always striving to exceed their goals, Vimi. has spent a decade helping their customers to build their companies, generate new revenue streams and optimize their operations. Many of their clients, like Beehave, are not as visible to the general public, but have the greatest impact on our economy and society. That’s why Vimi. ensures success through the use of research-based behavioral design and user testing to ensure a quantifiable return on investment for their clients. 



Vimi brought all of its specialized skill and methodology to this exciting collaboration with Beehave. The development of a strong marketing strategy for Beehave was built starting with conversations to facilitate a deep understanding of the main audience base and outreach goals. Then psychological and behavioral research was used to determine the best strategies to use in appealing to Beehave’s unique customer base. These strategies contributed to a UI that is visually engaging, easy to navigate and communicative according to both Beehave’s company ideals and the needs of its clientele.


The new Beehave logo has a sleek, professional design that alludes to its namesake through the incorporation of shapes reminiscent of a honeycomb. Additionally, Beehave is a no code platform, where companies can create a personal space to automate processes; the new logo is a representation of Beehave’s priority to build solid collaboration blocks. The straightforward elegance of its new website design and color scheme pair perfectly with Beehave’s simple, integrity-based services. The new UX is sure to attract and impress Beehave’s customers well into the future. This website launch marks the first of what are sure to be many successful collaborations between Beehave and Vimi.

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