Digital & Marketing Opportunities for B2B in Thailand
January 2014

As an agency primarily concerned with digital and UX/UI to support B2B brands’ app and website development, we’re naturally very excited about any report we can get our hands on that outlines how B2B (and B2C) consumers are utilizing digital.

We know exactly what a product and marketing opportunity this type of information presents for fast-acting B2B companies that are able to utilize it quickly, and more importantly, before the competition…


Thanks to the good people at We are Social as of the 8th of January we all have access to an amazingly detailed snapshot of key stats for B2B industries. Including, data, and behavioural indicators for social, digital and mobile channels around the world, along with an in-depth stats for 24 of the world’s largest economies including Thailand.


Digital Thailand by the numbers

To make those opportunities more readily available we’ve taken the liberty of sifting through the original report and aggregating data points that relate specifically to Thailand (see above) to help with your B2B lead generation. Here are a few insights that spring to mind immediately.


Thailand: A developing digital economy

Thailand’s place in relation to the US and the rest of the world – Thailand is clearly still very much in the “developing” phase insofar as the adoption of internet and web technologies for B2B are concerned, creating a wealth of future opportunities for those companies and entrepreneurs that enter the game now.

Thailand may be behind insofar as Internet adoption is concerned, but it’s a hotspot insofar as mobile is concerned Thais usage of social and mobile is especially impressive in relation Internet adoption even when compared to “developed” economies


B2C & B2B digital marketing in Thailand’s is mobile

In Thailand the web IS mobile – Thais are enthusiastic adopters of mobile technology and are well ahead of the curve insofar as usage patterns are concerned, even when compared to “developed” economies. While this factoid should come as little surprise to anyone who travels the BTS (…and witnesses the ceaseless Facebooking via smartphone everyone on the train always seems engaged in), it should factor heavily in any serious web strategy targeting Thais and Thailand. In Thailand the web IS Mobile.


Thais are Social

Thais spend each day more than twice the time Americans do on Social Media – Thais are heavily engaged with social media, even when compared to users in “developed” countries. Thais spend on average about double the time American users do on Social Media, despite the fact most of them don’t actually have active Internet subscriptions yet and rely mainly on Internet Cafes and other forms of public access. This speaks heavily to the channels and advertising marketers should consider when targeting the Thai market. Social media marketing, and in particular utilization of Facebook, Instagram and Line, are a huge opportunity to reach Thai audiences effectively and relatively cheaply.

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