B2B Website Development & App Design Updates
September 2012

August was a very exciting month for us, with a record number of B2B website development projects going live, as well as some new exciting app design projects coming in to the studio.

New app design projects in the studio

Judging by the volume of interest we’ve been getting over the past few months Thailand is really heating up for app design.

It looks like the demand is definitely here, and hopefully this will help Bangkok become a serious center for both iOs and Android development. Insofar as Vimi is concerned thanks to Appy Hotel we’ve been getting requests for application design and development at all sorts of levels of complexity, both from within the country and from abroad.

B2B websites developed last month

last month was a particularly exciting as we saw a new project go live every week of the month!


Outsourced B2b website development

The first of the sites to go live was a white-labeled project done for one of Thailand’s leading brand houses. We regularly serve as a specialized outsourced solution for ad agencies, design houses, etc. that seek uncompromising delivery standards.


NGO B2B website – The Thai Canadian Chamber of Commerce


We’ve been working with the chamber for a few months on what was a long overdue upgrade of their old site.
The new TCCC website is designed to better serve members and the public at large by clearly showcasing the TCCC’s news, publications, and events.

Based on the following testimonial we received from the former president of the chapter, Mr John Casella, it seems like we did ok…
“…Vimi came highly recommended from a number of people whom I trust have had similar good experiences working with them….Vimi has worked hard to thoroughly understand our needs and provide helpful advice to make the whole process a painless as possible.
I would highly recommend them…”


B2B website development for Peopleserve Asia


PeopleServe Asia is Thailand’s premier provider of comprehensive payroll and HR solutions. The company has in its client roster the local operations for Microsoft, BMW, Bacardi, etc.

We had the pleasure of delivering them a new corporate website and youtube channel, and it also looks like we’ll be working with CEO Chris Mcaleer and his team moving forward as well.

This was a pretty cool project insofar as the solutions adopted for supporting the bi-lingual nature of the site are concerned.


B2B website development – News site for hospitality pros


After a few forays into publishing magazine websites for clients we decided together with a group of friends and partners to take the plunge ourselves with The Hotelier Herald – an online magazine providing daily news and insights for Asia’s hoteliers.
It’s still early days but even so this has been a very exciting ride so far. The hotelier is doing far better than we could have ever hoped for!


Ecommerce website development


The last week of the month saw the launch of the third of the Versapers ecommerce websites we’ve been involved in producing, this one in German.


Until next time!

Well, that’s all from us for this month. As always we’re happy to support you with your B2B marketing and web development needs.

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