Bangkok Based Vimi Sets an Industry Benchmark for Web Design at GoodFirms, by Providing Value Beyond Brief Scope
February 2020

Producing websites and apps for leading Bangkok based entrepreneurs and regional brands confirms Vimi as one of Thailand’s leading digital agencies at GoodFirms.

Bangkok’s top web design agency for B2B companies

Incorporated in 2011 and based in Bangkok, Vimi is a full-fledged digital agency. The organization helps B2B companies grow their business by:    

  • Developing new digital services and product lines 
  • Building and improving e-commerce sales channels 
  • Building and intensifying online business development efforts to boost sales. 

Vimi’s mission is to produce digital possibilities beyond the horizon of clients’ project requirements by ideating, designing, building, & launching their business to the next level.

Vimi. Co was cofounded by directors Virode Imtarnasan and Mike Darnell, who were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. They initially worked together as part of a team at a technology firm focused on mobile technologies. In between them they’ve accumulated 50+ years of experience in setting-up and operating high-performance online platforms for companies ranging from Fortune 1,000 companies, through established SMEs, and all the way to nascent startups.

Vimi’s value proposition is based on three fundamental principles that inform every project the company is involved with:

1. Behavioral Design 

Vimi leverages the Nobel prize-winning research of psychologists & economists such as Daniel Kahneman, Richard Thaler, and Robert Cialdini to furnish clients the competitive edge they need to beat competitors.

2. User Testing 

Starting from the most initial stages possible & throughout the project, Vimi assures application’s service appeal through targeted market studies & rigorous user-testing. 

3. Quantifiable Return on Investment

The success of any design or application must be grounded on the quantifiable aims & benchmarks set for the project.

GoodFirms’ Research Process

GoodFirms is a distinguished B2B organization that fills the gap between IT service seekers and service provider companies. Many of the leading IT firms get enrolled in the GoodFirms list of service providers. 

These businesses are ranked based on: 

  • Quality
  • Ability
  • Reliability

These are the essential constituents of the GoodFirms research process. Moreover, these organizations are also assessed based on their market perception & consumer satisfaction, and the number of years spent in the industry. The firms which excel in these parameters are then added to the GoodFirms list of service providers.

GoodFirms has reviewed Vimi and found they provided outstanding app development, web design, and digital marketing services in Thailand.

Game-Changing Benefits with Bespoke App Solutions

A successful application gives game-changing benefits to existing ventures’ productivity and profitability and can serve to launch entirely new businesses. 

At Vimi, an expert team provides the app development & project management acumen clients need to succeed. Their experience guarantees clients launch projects on-time and on-budget.  

Vimi routinely create roadmaps that define and find opportunities for clients – beyond the narrow scope of project requirements. By focusing on the behavioral perspective & usability of platforms, the team strives to deliver insights to help clients grow and expand their business both online and offline. This is most evident in the user experience and user interface Vimi produces for in-house projects, as well as for corporate software development teams & startups. 

By ensuring the integrity, security, and scalability of clients’ apps Vimi has earned a spot as one of the leading mobile app development companies in Thailand at GoodFirms.

A Website that Generates B2B Leads 

One of Vimi’s core offerings is business development and lead generation for B2B companies. It is this experience that informs the company’s understanding that a poorly conceived website is a proven cause of lost opportunity & causes long-lasting damage to organization’s credibility. 

Vimi’s expert web design team builds successful websites based on the process of orchestrating three primary efforts: 

  • Content – The team develops content that will address clients’ audience’s needs & goals. 
  • Design – Clients’ websites user experience (UX) & user interfaces (UI) are designed to support users’ needs to achieve goals quickly & effectively. 
  • Code – Developers write secure code using best practices proven to result in safe, reliable, & cost-effective web development.

Vimi’s team has designed & launched successful websites & apps for globally acknowledged brands & enterprises such as Heinz-Kraft, Central Foods, Rabbit Rewards, and others, as confirmed by reviews obtained by GoodFirms.


Boosting Sales KPIs with Lead Generation

Vimi’s expert marketeers help B2B clients build their business development pipeline by identifying & engaging key decision-makers, buyers, & procurement officers in their target markets. 

Most B2B businesses have yet to fully leverage digital marketing to drive their sales efforts, giving companies that are savvy enough to tap into this new lead source a significant edge over competitors, without cannibalizing their existing efforts. Vimi’s turn-key models guarantee clients a new sales funnel that doesn’t require interruptions to client’s decision-makers.

Vimi’s digital marketing team follows clients’ lead generation goals by assigning a project manager to every client. The PM then ensures projects are delivered on-time and updates clients regularly. Project artefacts & materials are stored in the cloud, allowing clients constant & unrestricted access. These practices have granted Vimi a position among GoodFirms’ top digital marketing agencies in Thailand

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