What’s a Fair Price for a Responsive Website Design?
December 2013

With Thanksgiving behind us and December upon us, it looks like everyone has gift shopping and bargain-hunting on the brain. For some of us, this has had shocking consequences, while for me it’s an opportunity to rethink the price we offer for responsive website design, after all, we pride ourselves on offering the fastest quotations on the planet for both brand websites and eCommerce sites, to allow you to evaluate your website’s design & development costs fairly, and without any hassle.


How much should a responsive website design cost?

I’m particularly interested in the pricing for responsive website designs now, because of the prevalence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I remember reading “Thinking, Fast and Slow” – by Nobel prize-winning psychologist Prof. Daniel Kahneman. The book offers amazing insights into the strategies marketers employ to get us excited about spending our hard-earned cash. Kahneman is famously quoted as saying:

A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth.

Kahneman describes the experiments he and his collaborators developed to test cognitive biases such as the Halo and Endowment effects and provides a very solid model for explaining how we think and make decisions. The book is truly an eye-opener. If you think you deserve a gift this holiday season I’d strongly recommend you consider buying it for yourself.

OR you could…


Help advance research – win the book!

Reading Kahneman’s book has been a very rewarding experience because in many ways it provides validation for the data-driven design approach we employ here at Vimi.

Since we believe in not only Talking-the-Talk but also Walking-the-Walk, we’re currently researching perceptions about website design, and would really appreciate your help answering the following survey.

We’ll be raffling off 3 copies of Thinking, Fast and Slow between those of you who leave us your details before New Year’s Eve 2014.



If you’ve it made all the way down here you’ve definitely earned the pleasure of Kahneman’s TED talk about happiness

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