B2B website UX design for niche markets
June 2017

B2B website UX design for the best Untapped niche markets

Your website serves the same purpose as a shop-front or display window – It’s a quick and visual way to express what your company has to offer, and even more importantly, attract traffic to you. When we’re doing B2B website UX design this is something we refer to often.

One of our clients, for example, is a distributor of high-end smart-home technologies – customized lighting, security, and home entertainment systems,

The company has a stunning Bangkok showroom in a prestigious location, but they have no storefront. Contrary to common thinking more browsers don’t always translate into more opportunities.

It’s important to attract the RIGHT browsers…


B2B lead generation is about qualified traffic

When you’re dealing with high-end solutions and/or niche markets, what you really need is qualified traffic.

If your company fits the above description, I needn’t explain to you the many reasons why this is so – You already know that discouraging unqualified traffic is actually an act of kindness, not only to your audience but to your team as well.


Websites for a niche market

Sitting with our clients’ marketing team in a UX design brief, we use a detailed discovery process, we’ve developed to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ client base.

In this case, we learned that our clients’ B2B customers contractors, interior designers and developers working for ultra tech-savvy, and well-heeled, early adopters.

Our client’s concept was to create a virtual showroom that displays the range of products and services they offer. Starting with the initial consultancy & product lines, and going all the way through to after-sales service.

Often B2B businesses, are most interested in an educated audience who already know what they’re looking for. Unlike cases where a brand may be falling under the curse of knowledge, here professional language actually yields massive SEO benefits. The narrow scope of key phrases being searched for provides excellent targeting and an opportunity to rank quickly.


A niche B2B website is a carefully crafted business tool

For most B2B companies working with us, the website design must serve to primary audiences:

  1. New Leads – People the company has never met, but are in the market for the products and services they offer
  2. Existing Leads – People the company had initiated contact with and who are visiting the site to learn more.

Both these audiences expect the website to immediately convey credibility, and provide clear guidance regarding the actions the visitor can take on the site.

Furthermore, B2B audiences expect you to keep in mind the following when designing your niche market / B2B website:


B2B audiences can be savvy

They expect you to know how to approach them and have no patience for a website that doesn’t provide the professional outlook they expect and need.

B2B browsers – typically administrative assistants, buyers, or C-suite executives, are very time-poor. You need to help them find what they’re looking for quickly and easily by making sure your sitemap takes into account their needs and expectations. UX Design your website to answer the first 10 questions these people typically ask you.

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