B2B lead generation case study – website design for a hospitality music provider
October 2016

B2B Website Case Study

While our previous case study was about an HR company, this latest B2B website design case study is of a more artistic nature.

Welcome, Reggie Collen, Head of Operations and Business Development at BMAsia in Thailand!

While the rest of us furtively slip in earbuds so that we can listen to our favourite tunes while we work, Reggie is lucky enough to have a job that is music.

BMA’s discovery process begins with hearing about clients’ business and their customers. Then comes the fun part – selecting from among thousands of tracks to tailor the music selection precisely to fit clients’ demographics. Please enjoy this interview and case study.


What is a hospitality music provider

ViMi – Tell us in a few words about BMAsia.

Reggie Collen – BMAsia is a fully-licensed music provider to the hospitality industry. We reproduce music legally, with a fully automated system mixing music genres and styles with varying time formats for clients locally and around the Asian region.

V – What is it like making music selections for Thai and Asian clientele? How is it different from westerners?

R – Today’s market dynamics, with affordable travel, guests’ increased awareness and increased competition, mean the clientele of most hotels is a real cultural cross-section. The first challenge therefore is to understand what objectives our clients are setting for their in-house music and guest experience – we work closely with hotel executives at the concept level to protect their investment by offering music as a complementary element to the food, décor and overall “feel” of the place.

And yes, needs do vary in relation to hotel groups, hotel location, targeted markets and cultural considerations. Our approach has to ensure we remain adaptable and flexible in how we design the “mood thru music” part.


The music matched to client’s preferences

V – How does the music change according to venue and location?

R – Clearly, we see music as an integral part of the guest experience and an essential component of the investment hoteliers make towards it. Therefore understanding the venue’s concept and theme, added to targeted demographics and cultural factors, enables us to design the appropriate “soundscape” for each one of our clients, for the hotel as a whole but also within the hotel itself.


Customizing soundscapes

V – Do you have a favourite venue or target demographic?

R – We work very closely with major hotel groups where we offer a corporate branding option. We enjoy the challenge of creating something unique for each group depending on their requirements and their targeted market demographic. As to our target demographic, since we define ourselves as an Asian company, based in Thailand, we have strategically positioned ourselves to better serve the hospitality industry from the Middle East across to Asia and down to Southeast Asia.

V – Do you also supply sound systems?

– Our area of specialization is creative music design through adapted music playlists. But where possible, we do assist our clients in recommending sound system suppliers who have worked with us.


Music in the cloud

V – Beyond music, what other kinds of audio does BMAsia provide?

R – Music is what we do best – we focus on that crucial element of entertainment experience as we see ourselves offering it as a specialized service. However, we will soon be launching our own cloud-based music management software which we designed and is currently in its final phase of development. This state-of-the-art technology product is in response to clients’ demands and will enable them to interact directly with our music library in the cloud, manage their music requirements and increase flexibility in our product offering.

V – Can you share a success story?

R – Well, I would like to think that all our clients are success stories – after all, we are a small player and we have to work hard and smart at retaining our client base and increasing our client portfolio. Our success rests on our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ requirements and to provide them with exactly what they need thru dialogue and communicating effectively prior to them becoming a client.

One highlight in recent weeks has been our presence and support at the annual Anantara Elephant Polo King’s Cup in Hua-Hin where we successfully contributed to the overall ambience of the 5-day event and the evening functions as well.


Case Study: Web development for B2B lead generation

V – How does your web presence help you develop your business?

R – The web has ensured the world has now evolved into a small trading place. It has also ensured that competition is more available to our target market. Having a well laid-out web-based strategy ensures we remain at the forefront of our potential client’s mind and an appealing, easy-to-use and informative website is our shop window which must reflect our product offering and service values. Our web presence and strategy must be a strong and attractive enough, while at the same time instilling confidence, for prospective clients to want to do entrust us with their music needs.

It is said that it takes between 3-12 seconds for someone to make a decision based on the quality of a website – therefore, we recently sought the help of the Vimi team to create a new web strategy, coupled with a brand new website and logo, aiming at optimizing our market awareness and presence.

V – What drives you personally?

R – Bringing passion in everything I do, a job well done and a satisfied client. I am privileged to be in a role combining two passions of mine: hospitality and music. Therefore, I approach each one of my clients enthusiastically and my ultimate goal is to leave them satisfied that their requests were heard, their expectations met, giving them total peace of mind in regards to their music concept.

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