4 Amazing Facts about Video Marketing
October 2019

It’s predicted that 75% of mobile information will be communicated through video within the next couple of years (Cisco) with Video Marketing at the top of the pile.


Fact 1: Mobile Video Marketing Expansion

It’s no secret that today’s media consumers would rather watch a video than read a paragraph. Not only has our world gone digital, but it’s also gone mobile, and to top it off, mobile video Marketing reigns as the king of modern communication.



Fact 2: Short Attention Spa… Oh! This Looks Cool…

Everyone is continually working to fit more into their day. Productivity and efficiency are the primary goals in many fast-paced lives. As a result, precious time cannot be wasted reading convoluted or poorly written material when a video can communicate quicker, clearer, and in an entertaining way.

“People spend on average 1.7 seconds looking at content…[and] can recall content after just 0.25 seconds”
Facebook IQ

With our truncated attention-spans, one might think we are taking in less information, but that isn’t necessarily true. Our mobile-based video world allows us to consume all the more information. Take a look at this example for our client Xclusive Promotions:

This short, mobile-friendly, Youtube clip made for 7-11, is the easiest, fastest and surest way to teach the workforce franchises’ 1,723 shops in the Philippines about the new promotion the company is offering. At a cost of less than $1 per shop – the entire workforce now has a clear vision of how to assist customers with this new offer.



Fact 3: Mobile Video Marketing is the Only Way We Can Keep Up

In essence, our accelerating pace of life means that to simply keep up with the demands of a modern lifestyle, people are required to absorb more data in less time than ever before.
Whether the content is news, educational, entertainment – whatever – It’s much easier and faster to absorb that information as video, and making that video accessible on mobile means people have much greater flexibility in terms of choosing when to view it – While few of us would consider shifting our laptop to the bathroom, I’ll bet all of us have used our mobile while doing our business (Shifts for 2020).



Fact 4: Helping You Stay Relevant

Regardless of our feelings on the matter, the evidence in favour of mobile video’s popularity is overwhelming, and organizations ignore it at their peril.
The relevancy of text is on a decline powered by our shortening attention spans, and the only way to keep users engaging with your content, whether you’re a business, nonprofit, or educational organization is to fully utilize the dynamic power of video in your websites and applications.

VimiVideo offers a range of animation video marketing specially adapted to the needs of businesses, startups and organizations. Animations clips offer crucial benefits over other forms of video:

  • Rapid production time and turnaround- The 7-11 clip above was completed in 3 weeks.
  • Easily to translate – Great for organizations targeting multi-lingual audiences.
  • Affordable – Vimivideo offers a range of video solutions starting at just $450 / minute.

For a free consultation on the benefits, your organization stands to gain from including video in your communications with customers and stakeholders, visit vimivideo.com now.

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