What the hell is the internet anyway?
October 2015
Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to give a presentation to the members of the Rotary Club of Bangkok (RCB). The club, the country’s oldest, was founded in 1930 during the reign of King Prachadhipok Rama VII. Its been active in services of Thailand’s community for the past 82 years. The venue is the Grand Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel.

Rotary Speakers

Starting at noon the regular weekly meetings’ agenda is as follows:

Lunch is served at the tables, during which club officers perform their regular routines. The Rotarian custom is to invite guest speakers to talk about topics ranging from arts and culture to world affairs, business, science, and technology.

The format is “The worldwide Rotary 20-minute Speech



Rather than talk about our studio’s UX and UI work, app development or website design services, or anything pragmatic of that nature, I presented a shortened version of “What the Hell is the Internet Anyway” It’s offered below with respects, in its full uncensored glory…


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