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January 2021

The past year, with the severe restrictions it put on international travel, has completely upended the world’s conference and trade-show calendar.

The challenges of Person to Person Marketing in a post Covid reality

With trade shows and face-to-face events no longer possible, companies have fewer opportunities for personable marketing. This “new normal” has severe consequences for the industrial sector and other B2B companies, for whom these events were the main marketing and sales channels.

To survive, B2B marketers must adapt

Simply put these companies found themselves without their primary means of accessing their customers. The order of the hour is simple – To survive these companies MUST adapt new ways to find and reach their target audiences.

Email marketing to the rescue

Despite, or maybe because of its history, email marketing still delivers the highest returns-on-investment for B2B lead generation and remains the most reliable, effective, and socially acceptable platform available for B2B marketers to identify and reach-out to the decision makers they’re targeting.


Learn the basics of email marketing

In recognition of these new challenges facing our customers, we at Vimi created a workshop that teaches the basics of email marketing to B2B professionals. The workshop covers:

  • How to plan your email strategy and goals
  • How to determine who you should be emailing, and what you should be sending them
  • What sort of ROI should you expect from your efforts, and how can you measure it.

Don’t miss our B2B email marketing workshop!

We’re now offering this workshop free of charge, to select manufacturers and B2B firms. To apply please fill out the form below, or call us at +66-92-456-5547

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