How to hire a B2B website design agency
September 2016

With the web firmly established as peoples’ primary tool for finding suppliers and clients, finding the right website design agency for your B2B company is a critical decision – It’s not just your website you’re putting in their hands, but a large portion of the responsibility for the marketing and operations of your business.

GoogleB2B Website Design’ and you’re sure to find an abundance of results. Some agencies take a technical approach and tout the technologies they use, others present themselves as “full-service creative agencies” and offer a wide range of branding and marketing services (e.g. print services, photography, etc.) They all look professional. How to choose?

To make things worse, website design and development is a complex field – How equipped are you to judge design and development quality?


It’s a purchasing decision

Let’s pretend for a moment that instead of looking to build a new website, you’re company was making some other purchasing decision – A contractor to build a new facility for your company. Would your purchasers choose the contractor based on his proficiency at mixing concrete? Would you or they, risk selecting a builder who also moonlights as a landscape contractor and hobbyist photographer? Experienced purchasers look for contractors that can show a proven track record for delivery, at reasonable market rates.


Choose a B2B website design agency with proven success

The same logic holds for web design and development services. Your purchasing department should choose a vendor that can prove they have helped build successful businesses, and offers reasonable market rates.

Choosing an agency with a record delivering successful B2B websites cuts right to the core of why you need a website, to begin with: GENERATING LEADS AND BUSINESS.

Vimi has a proven track record of working with Fortune 500 companies in SEA and around the world. Contact us today for an assessment of your B2B website, marketing and lead generation efforts.

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