2016 will go down in history as the last year in which video viewing was primarily a “Desktop” experience.

Most Video Views Are Now Mobile


According to the highly regarded yearly report from video platform provider Ooyala, mobile video views in the Asian-Pacific region witnessed strong growth throughout 2016, with mobile media views crossing the 50% threshold in July. Median mobile views for the last quarter of the year topped 54%, with December’s median reported at 56%.


APAC Folks Prefer Their Videos Short

A further stat worth noting is the distribution of viewership in relation to video length across devices:

VIMI Are You Selling Enough

With attention spans proven to be dropping across the board, it’s unsurprising to see short-form videos dominating. Clips under 5 minutes in length (AKA short-form content) account for 62% of desktop viewing time in APAC. In fact, desktop short-form viewing in APAC is a stunning 28% higher than the world average. Well worth remembering when planning your next campaign…

For more statistics, and the full global view head on to Ooyala and download the full report.