15 Feb

Work provided: Blog | Facebook | Twitter

What They Said

“…Our Blog is the subject of much praise. Our Twitter following has been growing nicely and generating leads. Vimi ensures our presence is felt on the major blogs in our sphere and in LinkedIn groups that are of interest to us. Vimi caught on to the core of our business quickly and was able to independently and intelligently represent us online in comments and on social media sites…”Tal Rubenczyk – CEO, Treepodia

The Client

Founded in 2007,Treepodia is an Israeli web technology company dedicated to developing online video solutions for ecommerce retailers. The company’s solutions are deployed on some of the web’s foremost ecommerce websites including,, and

The Project

The very nature of Treepodia’s business, as a cutting edge online technology provider, demands that they remain constantly and consistently on top of their market. Maintaining Treepodia’s social presence online is one of the most challenging engagements we handle, it’s also one of the most satisfying : )

Mr. Tal Rubenczyk is a real pleasure to work with – Once we established trust and proved capable he gave us full independence to manage our responsibilities as we see fit, as long as we continue to provide the results he expects. This has been how we operate for over 2 years now…

Treepodia is an ongoing engagement that involves two main efforts:

  1. Remaining on top of the latest news and developments relevant to Treepodia’s niche, and responding as required.
  2. Regularly updating Treepodia’s blogs and syndicating the content via relevant online channels –  LinkedIn groups, Facebook page, Twitter, comments on industry blogs, etc.