“…ABNImpact hired Vimi to design our new website as part of an overall re-brand we embarked on due to the company’s growth. Vimi were efficient, friendly and professional. They provided good ideas, good work, and delivered on time. I highly recommend them and plan to approach them again for our own needs in future…”

“…Thanks to Vimi, my website is now online and (within a week!) has already produced some high quality enquiries. It looks professional, clean and fresh. I am very impressed with the overall design your team came up with and the generous amount of time you spent on our website. Thank you again for your patience…”

“…Thanks to the team at Vimi. Finally, a company that can give us all we need – technical knowhow, flare for design and commercial sense. A rarity indeed to get all these essential elements in one package. Thanks for your continued support!…”

“…When I approached Vimi for a website in late 2012 I did not have a clue what to do! He guided our marketing department and I through the entire process to produce a site in early 2013 which exceeded our expectations. As a result, our internet presence now reflects our legal services – professional, polished and effective. Thanks Vimi team…”

“…Vimi were instrumental in making Appy Hotel a success. The website they designed made our sales grow staggeringly fast, as did the work they did with Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus and Twitter. Vimi gave us good advice, excellent graphics and speedy implementation. Their approach to the online world is world class and i would not hesitate one minute to recommend them to any business interested in getting an impact online!…”

“…Thanks to Vimi, we were able to achieve our objective of a new corporate look, leaning on their creative talent and client-focused approach. Mike and the team took the time to understand what we wanted to create and why – from there, they went to work with outstanding results, keeping us up to date with developments and delivering a great-looking product on time…”

“…Recommended by a friend, we have used Vimi’s service for our Website. They clearly understood our needs from the beginning and came up with a solution for every problem or adjustments that we had during the creation process. Spending time to make everything perfect is not a concern for them. The result at the end was even more outstanding as promised from the beginning. More than just a Website designer, Vimi has an understanding of every business needs of their clients which makes them above the other. With Vimi, you get more than just a Website! I would recommend them to everyone who needs a quality website….”

“…This is the first time I’m dealing with a partner whose work I can accept immediately. Vimi knows UX very well…”

“…Chartered Square is one of Sathorn’s premium office towers, and as such we wanted our website to reflect the property’s distinction and flair. The team at Vimi had the time and understand our needs. I’m very happy to recommend them for future projects…”

“…We’re increasingly impressed with Vimi’s professionalism, passion, and knowledge. They always exceed our expectations…”

“…Vimi understands our brand and business. They delivered a commercial, appealing, and fun solution…”

“…The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce has been a customer of Vimi for almost half a year now, and we have only received extraordinarily good service. The Vimi team has a very good understanding of what we want, often provides good ideas and always deliver on time. The Vimi team is efficient, friendly and professional!…”

“… Eighty8Capital’s unique offering of automotive investment opportunities required an agency that would go the extra mile. We wanted a partner who would truly care about what we do, and would understand our passion and motivation. We felt comfortable with the Vimi team from day one, and are happy to see our professional relationship evolve into something more meaningful…”

“…Vimi made my website a virtual classroom. They took my wishes and needs and were able to apply them to a website and solved the needs of my students as well….”

“… Vimi were fantastic partners to have in our corner as we conceptualized and launched our new website…”

“…I am really very pleased with the website. It is doing the job we need and it looks clear, attractive and professional. Of all the major maritime academy sites I have seen, none is as impressive and indicative of a large well equipped training business. Our site also has a warm welcoming feel to it, and as for design – it looks stylish and consistent as well as easy to view logically. So congratulations to all your team – and our thanks for a job well done…”

“…Germxit is a revolutionary solution for a serious pain point in the oil and gas sector, but to be honest it’s not the sexiest product around, which is exactly why we decided to hire Vimi to make us look great. Everybody here feels they delivered 100%, and we’re happy to recommend them to anyone who needs help getting their product / brand looking sexier…”

“…I can truly say that your website design is pretty awesome. We get around 3 calls every weekday from people who have seen our website one way or the other…”

“…The ICMS Group has hired Vimi on several occasions. Their work was excellent each time. They bring a uniquely creative approach to each project. We’ll use Vimi again whenever the need arises…”

“…The team at Vimi are professional, efficient, and deliver great end results. In addition to being very knowledgeable and well-versed in the field of website development, they also incorporate a sales-driven outlook and marketing aptitude which tremendously help the business when launching a new website. These qualities put Vimi a step above the rest. I highly recommend them…”

“…We have nothing but great things to say about Vimi and their services. Vimi developed and designed our new website. Their method of working assisted us greatly in defining our website needs and their work has been very good value for money. Deadlines were met. The website looks professional and works fine.
Mike Darnell is brilliant, very efficient and so supportive. We will definitely use Vimi again and will recommend them to anyone who needs a high-quality website…”

“…This is the second time we’ve turned to Vimi to build a web site for us… All the work struck the right note for us. Vimi also designed the book cover, carrying that concept throughout to the entire site. After a rousing success, it made sense to return to Vimi for our next web site. It has drawn rave reviews for its clean, functional simple to navigate design. When you want a stress free experience, do yourself a favor, hire Vimi. I did … TWICE…”

“…We started our new website project with another company. After 4 months we had an unfinished, poorly designed site. Vimi stepped in and set us up with our new site in 5 weeks. They were on-schedule throughout. We’re very pleased with the results and are complimented on the site often, bookings are up as well…”

“…Vimi are fast and full of top-notch ideas. They were quick to sit down for friendly one-on-one meetings. Vimi immediately understood my product and began providing ideas, of which more than a few were gold. We connected and built trust quickly. Within just two weeks of agreeing to a partnership, they had developed wireframes and a custom template for my new websites. I’m pumped to have Vimi on my team…”

“…In its Digital Marketing & SEM strategy we had to review our web presence and media management. The VIMI team has been perfectly appropriate & efficient in understanding our market segment, positioning and to issue recommendations both in the new structure of our Asian Web site design and Digital presence.Results are significant in the SEO metrics and that is an achieved objective…”

“…I have known Mike Darnell for few years and have been working with Vimi on several projects. Their work is extremely professional and combines talent, exceptional insights to the business world, impressive aesthetical capabilities and dedicated client oriented approach. Vimi is definitely our preferred choice for special marketing and online projects…”

“…Our website has been created in such a way as to ensure future changes and edits are easy to manage, reducing recurring costs. I highly recommend Vimi for any web related projects…”

“…Recently Mindscape.co.th launched operations in Myanmar at an important trade exhibition and we needed our new website on a tight schedule to support the event. The team at Vimi gave us all the support required in order to launch our new site on time. We’re very happy with the results and I personally recommend Vimi to anyone seeking a professional website design agency in Thailand…”

“…Vimi designed a professional website for NEEDeed, a start-up non-profit organization. Mike and his team has shown incredible resourcefulness throughout the whole process. We were introduced to the most up-to-date online tools and were provided a truly valuable framework within which we could provide input into the design and content of the website. It has been a real learning experience to work with Vimi about websites and the various online tools. What I also greatly appreciate about Vimi is the vision they have about your business. While the website is a tremendously valuable and indispensable component of any business, Vimi provided value to NEEDeed beyond that. Vimi understood our mission and has actively promoted it to their partners providing NEEDeed with truly valuable connections. Vimi is remarkable by creating something that is beyond individual businesses by recognizing the links and potentials for collaboration. I trust that Vimi will continue to be a true partner for non-profit organizations in supporting local communities in a sustainable manner…”

“…The Vimi team were a pleasure to work with him. Very on point with communication and work was completed with the projected timelines. I recommend them to anyone…”

“… PeopleServe Asia is Thailand’s premier provider of outsourced HR services to companies such as Microsoft, BMW and Bacardi, and we needed our website to reflect it. Vimi delivered all the way! Vimi understood our needs quickly, came up with solutions independently, and delivered great work, on time, and with exceptional patience. We continue to engage them on retainer, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to companies seeking to significantly improve their online brand…”

“…I really appreciate the help Vimi have provided in getting the new site up and running. I was really impressed with how things were handled including dealing with our bank to get the payment gateway set up without any fuss. Left to me I had no clue! I was very impressed that your overriding concern in the project was my satisfaction with the product at all stages – a refreshing change from companies whose primary concern seems to be how quickly they can invoice and get paid. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Vimi in to the future…”

“…Pure Continental choose Vimi to build a fully fledged eCommerce website to cater for our global audience of luxury decision makers who require the finest metal business cards and VIP membership cards. They’ve provided advice and recommendations way beyond the scope of the initial project. Be smart and partner with them…”

“…Apart from being timely, organized, technically savvy and enjoyable to work with, there is one element, in my opinion, that makes Vimi.co stand out. It is their solid understanding of web shoppers insights and the ability to translate them into a relevant website proposition. In other words… they love to make (web)shoppers life as easy as possible…”

“…RLC Recruitment supports companies which need a more personal and customized approach to recruitment, as such we were looking for a website agency that would treat us the same way. Vimi delivered all the way. They were able to provide us with good counsel on how to maximize the return on our investment, and their strict adherence to process steered us to speedy completion of the project. I highly recommend them and will work with them again when needed…”

“…Due to Mike’s outstanding reputation in the Web Design industry, I decided to take his class about the internet and the purpose of a Website…He is not just a reliable working partner, but also a very captivating lecturer. The classes I took with him are valuable both for myself and my company…”

“…We have received a number of compliments on our website for the design and selection of pictures, graphics and layout. I liked one compliment that described the site as subtle yet succinct.The VIMI team did an excellent job in putting the site together in a short time period….”

“…Vimi provided my company with a website that is clean and fresh. The transition from old site to new site was completely pain free. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and I’ve no hesitation recommending them to my business friends…”

“ Stroll Guam is an innovative new transportation solution designed for a unique market. As such it was important to me to choose a vendor that would go beyond merely delivering on my requests, and would be able to give valuable insights for the business as well. I’ve been consistently pleased with the quality of work and ideas I’ve been getting, and look forward to working with the team for years to come…”

“…Vimi is the most professional web design team I’ve seen in Thailand, so it was an easy choice to go with them. To elaborate some more, the platform Vimi uses to build upon is industrial strength-secured, stable, and scalable. Combined with great design experience from Virode and Mike, you get a very beautiful and robust website that serves its purpose perfectly…”

“…Vimi delivered a crisp and clean design that matched my brief. Their selection of imagery and copywriting made our professionalism shine through. Working with them was simple and easy. I recommend them with pleasure…”

“…Vimi came highly recommended from a number of people whom I trust have had similar good experiences working with them….Vimi has worked hard to thoroughly understand our needs and provide helpful advice to make the whole process a painless as possible. I would highly recommend them…”

“…In the competitive world of digital and web design studios, I found ViMi’s capability excellent in terms of; forward thinking, commercial outlook, and design & technical ability to deliver what has been called a ‘Ferrari of a website’. Would highly recommend and refer to entrepreneurs alike…”

“…Tel-Dan is Thailand’s best known home fashion manufacturer, with a client roster that includes such names as IKEA, Tesco, and Big C. We were looking for a web agency that would build us a website that would reflect our achievements over the past 30 years, and with Vimi we found a partner that delivered all the way. We continue to work with the team and are glad to recommend them…”

“…Our Blog is the subject of much praise. Our Twitter following has been growing nicely and generating leads. Vimi ensures our presence is felt on the major blogs in our sphere and in LinkedIn groups that are of interest to us. Vimi caught on to the core of our business quickly and was able to independently and intelligently represent us online in comments and on social media sites…”

“…The presentation in the beginning was just as impressive as the quality of work delivered later. Vimi was flexible in our choices for design and gave lots of quality tips and advice. Both form and function of the website are beyond my expectations. I now have the website that I wished for and am ready for future expansion as I wished. Thank you Vimi…”

“…Worked with Vimi to design, develop and launch our new website. I liked their straightforward, sales and results oriented approach. Vimi provided invaluable insights throughout which led us to make positive changes to our approach which we otherwise would have missed. Delivered on time, good value and nice to work with. Recommend them and will work with Vimi again on other marketing initiatives…”