What is Ride-Sharing?

Ride-sharing services combine convenient door-to-door transport and logistics for customers with flexible income streams for drivers. 

As a service provider, you take on the role of the dispatcher, overseeing driver and customer enrollment, pricing, and invoicing. 

Ride-sharing, mobile apps, and the gig economy are your opportunity to generate value by offering your customers:

  • Rides
  • Deliveries
  • Motorcycles
  • Moving vans
  • And so much more… 

You want to get the world moving. VIMI.ride is here to fulfill your vision with our Ride-Sharing Business Development Apps and website.

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VIMI.ride let you run to the ground

The VIMI.ride platform is a proven solution that supports multiple ride-sharing success stories throughout APAC in specialized niches overlooked by Uber, Lyft, and Grab.

Building your business on this solid technological foundation leaves you free to focus all your attention on the things that really matter to building a solid company – operational and marketing excellence.

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Build your ride-sharing success on our experience

Building your Ride-Sharing Business Development platform from scratch is a costly enterprise and, without the benefit of experience, making costly mistakes is inevitable. 

We’ve invested over 5 years in developing and improving our platform in multiple real-world implementations in order to guarantee you have everything you need to succeed, straight out of the box: 

  • Strategy 
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology

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Why reinvent the wheel to offer ride-hailing?

VIMI.ride has all the features you need to run a successful ride-hailing and logistics business – built-in, tested, and proven. Our customizable Ride-Sharing Business Development infrastructure will get you fully operational in a fraction of the time it would take compared to building from scratch, and our platform is fully scalable to expand with you as your service grows. 

We’ve done all the basics and made all the wrong turns, so you don’t have to:


Passenger convenience & safety above all

Put your services literally in the palm of your customers’ hands with your VIMI.ride app.

  • Clients request, book, and pay [link to a detailed list of passenger features in package section] with their phone, from anywhere.
  • Driver tracking and reviewing functions promote customer safety and service reliability.


Drivers earn more

VIMI.ride makes it easy for your drivers to accept, track, and earn on the trips they take.

  • The custom driver app [link to a detailed list of driver features in package section] automatically determines the closest pick-ups available and also allows for scheduled trips, giving drivers complete control over when and where they earn. 
  • Drivers have their earning records available at any time and are encouraged to review customers as well, creating a mutually cooperative environment.


Easy oversight / Fully customizable

Managing your ride services with VIMI.ride is effortless [link to a detailed list of dispatcher features in package section], and maintaining business operations and legal compliance is fully automated. 

  • All rides, in progress and completed, are traceable and logged.
  • Drivers’ licenses and registration renewal reminders are built into the platform.
  • Generate financial, operational, and marketing analysis reports on demand.

VIMI.ride Ride-Sharing Business Development is fully customizable to your brand – You can go for our proven user interface, or opt to create your own unique look ‘N’ feel. 

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VIMI.ride Features

Enjoy a complete transportation services package.

VIMI.ride is built on years of experience in the field, guaranteeing your ride-sharing business optimal operational flow from the first click. Our basic package covers everything you’ll need and our advanced add-on provides extra flexibility and options:

For Passengers


  • Signup with email, Facebook, or Google
  • SMS validation
  • View inbound driver profile (including photo)
  • Search, pin-drop, & automated location finder for pickup & drop-off
  • Immediate & scheduled rides
  • Full ride & fare log
  • Sliding scale ride cancellation fees
  • Driver ratings & reviews
  • In-app call to inbound driver
  • In-app support, e.g. report issues or make requests
  • Pre-booking fare estimator
  • Real-time view of nearby drivers
  • Share rides with other members


  • Cash payments
  • Favorite routes
  • Promo codes
  • Vehicle type selection

For Drivers


  • Signup with email, Facebook, or Google
  • SMS validation
  • Profile with photo for passenger convenience
  • Automated dispatching of nearest ride requests
  • Immediate & scheduled rides
  • Full ride, earning, review log
  • Ride cancellation with automated dispatch reporting
  • Passenger ratings & reviews
  • In-app messaging to passenger
  • In-app support, e.g. report issues or make requests


  • Cash payments
  • Hourly / daily rates
  • Promo codes
  • Multiple vehicle registration

For Dispatchers


  • Central & granular control of fares per km / minute
  • Invoicing controls
  • Add / remove / edit / suspend drivers
  • Driver performance tracking & alerts
  • Vehicle registration & insurance tracking & alerts (includes document scans)
  • Passenger enrollment tracking & notifications
  • Operations and marketing reports 


  • Map view of fleet location & driver status
  • Book & manage rides
  • Special fares / tariffs for set destinations (e.g. airports)
  • Hourly / daily rates
  • Create & manage passenger promo codes
  • Support cash payments
  • Support for promotion codes allowing discounts
  • Multiple vehicle types
  • Affiliates / partner operators

Backed by excellence

VIMI.ride is delivered by Vimi.co – A digital agency with a well-established reputation for SDLC innovation and implementation excellence

VIMI.ride is the culmination of our proven experience in ride-sharing, ride-sharing, delivery, and related transportation services, all in a customizable, flexible app solution.


Project partnership

Launching your project with VIMI.ride guarantees you a partnership with an experienced team of designers, developers, and expert project managers, all dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life and supporting your operational excellence. 

We’ll work with you to make your app your own, from analysis to design to development and on through testing, deployment, and operations. 

Once you’re up and running we’ll remain on hand to support your team with training, maintenance, updates and support. And when the time comes, we’ll help you scale up the system to support your growing business!

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Affordable pricing with continuous support

You want your ride-sharing service to make money. So, we’ve structured our pricing to match your business. A simple one-time set up cost with affordable monthly fees based which package you selected and on how many vehicles you have in service.

You can start with as few as five vehicles, so why hesitate? VIMI.ride is your route to ride-sharing your way! Contact Vimi today to find out how!

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