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    What They Said

    “…We have been working with Vimi for 6 months – From the inception of Wizzogo throughout to development. I have been hugely impressed with every aspect of the service provided…”

    Stephen Ley

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    The Client

    Wizzogo was conceived by entrepreneur Stephen Ley as an alternative to the fragmented and largely unsuccessful coupon app landscape. It’s Stephen’s belief that the majority of the existing solutions are plagued by a complexity and level of detail that makes them inherently unappealing. In his own words: “In a saturated world of money-off’s, special offers and coupons, consumers are no longer entertained or excited by what is available to them.”

    Wizzogo’s takes an approach that has as its heart the simplification of the coupon concept to it’s simplest and easiest implementation. The concept is that any sum spent by a user with a Wizzogo is 100% refunded in virtual currency that can be spent with any other Wizzogo vendors. Vendors control how much of this credit they’re prepared to allow users to spend at their venue on any given day, thus in effect creating a throttle which allows them to control the number of WIzzogo customers they wish to attract to their doorstep.

    The Project

    Wizzogo is a project we’ve been accompanying right from the start. Vimi’s contributions include providing strategic consulting, formulation of the brand, copywriting, website, and ongoing work on the actual Android app.

    • wizzogo.com is WordPress based, allowing for easy content management and updates.
    • The website is fully mobile responsive.
    • The website includes a blog for news and updates.
    • Users and vendors can register on the site for early access and perks.




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