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  • Wildscan

    The Client

    Wildscan was commissioned by Freeland, an NGO committed to putting an end to the horrors of wildlife trafficking and human slavery. Freeland operates offices in Asia, Africa and the Americas, that raise awareness, build capacity, and promote good governance regarding the issues the organization tackles. Wildscan was built on a dedicated grant donated by USAID.

    Freeland is the lead implementing partner of Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking (ARREST), a program sponsored by the United States Government in partnership with ASEAN and over 50 governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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    The Project

    WildScan was designed to combat wildlife trafficking by providing comprehensive information about marine, freshwater, and terrestrial species. The app features a species library with more than 250 endangered animals commonly smuggled into and throughout Southeast Asia, a global hotspot for wildlife trafficking. Thanks to its library and user tools, WildScan helps front-line enforcement agencies, conservation officers, and the general public correctly identify, report, and handle animals caught in the illegal wildlife trade. In 2015, the app will be available for free on Android devices with multiple platforms and language support.

    We here at Vimi love to get our hands on new and exciting mobile app development projects, especially when they strike a chord with us. Considering the shocking fact that in our lifespan we’ve seen a decline of 50% in the number of animals living in the wild, helping take down the $19Bn per year trade in endangered species is a cause we’re proud to be associated with.

    The WildScan mobile app features:

    • A “Report” feature allowing users to report wildlife trafficking violations in a matter of seconds.
    • An “Identify” feature enabling users to identify whether an animal they’ve encountered is illegal for trade.
    • A comprehensive library with information and images of over 250 endangered species. For each species a wealth of data is included – information regarding habitat, behaviors, protections, first aid, etc. – Just as great as an educational tool as it is a resource for reporting crime.
    • Contact information for relevant authorities, allowing users to report wildlife trafficking violations in a matter of seconds.



    October 20, 2014


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