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    What They Said

    “…This is the first time I’m dealing with a partner who produces designs I accept immediately.
    Vimi knows UX very well…”

    Gerald Lim
    Assistant Vice President Digital & Innovation
    Central Food Retail Group Ltd.

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    The Client

    Since 1996 Central Food Retail Company Ltd. has been operating Thailand’s largest supermarket chain.

    This award winning company currently runs 205 supermarkets under six brands: Central Food Hall, Tops market, Tops SUPERSTORE, Tops Superkoom, Tops daily, and Eathai. Top’s mission is to be Thailand’s best supermarket, and the company is committed to providing customers with the best service at the highest quality standard.

    The Project

    True to its commitment to excellence Tops tasked us with creating their ecommerce apps on iOS and Android, and ensuring these live up to the standards consumers have learned to associate with the Tops name.

    Tops’ apps connect to a proprietary backend which is a legacy maintained by one of their sister companies in the Central Group family. Working within this framework proved to be the project’s greatest challenge, as we had no flexibility to improve on the existing technology, and had to find ways to work around its inherent limitations.

    The most interesting and gratifying aspect of the project was the opportunity to work with Central Food Retail Group’s in-house Digital & Innovation team, and their leader Mr. Gerald Lim, from whom we gained valuable insights into the thought processes and operational considerations that guide large food retailers.




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