• Team As One
  • Team As One

    What They Said

    “…The key to Team-as-One’s position as a thought leader in the team coaching space is the high standards we set for ourselves and the teams we work with. Vimi worked hard to fulfill our requirements and provided good professional inputs along the way…”

    Peter Cauwelier
    Chief Team Connector
    Team As One

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    The Client

    In the words of founder and owner of Team.As.One., Peter Cauwelier:
    “The only reason for a team to exist is to deliver results better and faster”

    A well-oiled team means sustainable success. Take away the “heart” (the team’s synergy) and you’ll soon find yourself in a situation where each member works independently and burnout becomes inevitable.

    The Project

    To get the most out of your business, you must focus on your team. A great team, well aligned and working harmoniously together is the key to success.
    Vimi worked closely with Peter to develop a website that delivered this message, and provided strong testimonials to his experience and capabilities in facilitating this change for client organizations.
    The website is built using WordPress, to allow for easy content management and flexibility.
    Peter Tweets regularly – We leveraged his activity by integrating his Twitter feed into the homepage – This makes for an easy, on the go method for Peter to educate site visitors regarding the content and leadership they can expect when engaging his services.

    • Fairmedonline.com is WordPress based, allowing for easy content management and updates.
    • The website is fully mobile responsive.


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