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    What They Said

    “…Vimi is the most professional web design team I’ve seen in Thailand, so it was an easy choice to go with them. To elaborate some more, the platform Vimi uses to build upon is industrial strength-secured, stable, and scalable. Combined with great design experience from Virode and Mike, you get a very beautiful and robust website that serves its purpose perfectly…”

    Art Hongchintakul

    Managing Director

    Swiftlet Co. Ltd.

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    The Client

    What began as a bold idea to revolutionize software development in Thailand evolved into Swiftlet, a rising company in Bangkok that champions agile development and Ruby on Rails. Arthith “Art” Hongchintakul, a software designer who trained and worked in the US for nearly a decade, founded Swiftlet in 2012. Today, the company is expanding its operations, bringing on young Thai talent who eat, sleep, and breathe software development.

    The Project

    With an eye toward expanding his Bangkok-based software business, Art came to Vimi for tailored web design services. Swiftlet needed a responsive website that would serve as a recruiting tool while highlighting the company’s past work. We began the development of the new Swiftlet.co.th by tailoring content to focus on the company’s unique selling points: the innovative, team environment; the refusal to settle for less than the best; the bigger goal of revolutionizing software development in Thailand. To that end, our web design team built a clean website targeting highly qualified recruits and potential clients. The navigation was built to be as simple as possible, and the content went straight to the point.

    • Swiflet.co.th is based on WordPress, an Open Source content management systemguaranteeing mobile and cross-platform compatibility, enabling easy content management and updates, and allowing for full search engine optimization.
    • The website includes:
      • Responsive design, allowing mobile users – a huge and growing portion of web traffic in Thailand – to browse Swiftlet.co.th using their tablets and smart phones.
      • A blog with content shareable across social media and contextual content promotion, increasing blog/news engagement by continuously providing users with interesting and contextually relevant content.
      • Integration of existing social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.
      • Download options for general inquiries and other forms, including PDFs.
      • Custom forms for online registration for promotions, contacts, and so on. Responses are sent to predefined email(s).
      • Social media sharing buttons and moderated commenting which increase social marketing, syndication of Swiftlet’s content, and customer engagement.
      • A Contact Us page, including a Google map showing Swiftlet’s precise location.
      • Search Engine Optimized – The website was developed according to current SEO best practices and supports the creation of search-friendly URLs, Headers, Titles, Tags, etc.




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