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    What They Said

    “…Been getting great feedback! Brilliant work by you guys! Thank you! …”

    Amit Sachdev
    Stroll Guam

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    The Client

    Stroll was conceived by entrepreneur Amit Sachdev as an alternative to Guam’s high taxi prices and non-existent public transport. Amit believes introducing ride-sharing to Guam will not only provide the island’s residents and tourists with a cheaper and easier way to travel, but also create a new source of income to help boost the local economy.

    The Project

    Stroll is a project we’ve accompanied from the earliest ideation.Vimi’s contributions include providing strategic consulting, copywriting, website, apps for iOS and Android, etc.

    • Strollguam.com is WordPress based, allowing for easy content management and updates.
    • The website is fully mobile responsive.
    • The website includes a blog for news and updates.
    • Users can use the website to register to drive for Stroll




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