• Strollguam – Ride Hailing App
  • Strollguam – Ride Hailing App

    What They Said

    “…Stroll Guam is an innovative new transportation solution designed for a unique market. As such it was important to me to choose a vendor that would go beyond merely delivering on my requests, and would be able to give valuable insights for the business as well. I’ve been consistently pleased with the quality of work and ideas I’ve been getting, and look forward to working with the team for years to come…”

    Amit Sachdev
    Stroll Guam

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    The Client

    Stroll Guam is the brainchild of Mr. Amit Sachdev. It was conceived as an alternative to Guam’s high taxi prices and non-existent public transport infrastructure. Amit believes that introducing ride-sharing to the island will provide residents and tourists with a better way to travel, while also creating new job opportunities for the community. To further support the community Stroll Guam collaborates with the University of Guam to allow students to use their earnings in order to fund their tuition.

    The Project

    Stroll Guam is a ride hailing app that has components for both passengers and drivers. Vimi has been involved in the project from the early ideation, all through to the launch and ongoing operational support. We’ve been fortunate to be given the opportunity to provide strategic consulting, copywriting, website, apps for iOS and Android, videos, etc. etc…

    The apps offer the following features

    Passenger app:

    • Rapid signup via Facebook / Google / Email
    • View inbound driver profile (including photo)
    • Search, pin-drop & automated location for pickup & drop-of
    • Immediate and scheduled rides supported
    • Full ride and fair log + ability to report issues or make requests to dispatch
    • Ride cancellation with graded fee
    • Driver ratings and reviews
    • Initiate call to inbound driver
    • In-app support / help access
    • Pre booking fare estimator

    Driver app:

    • Rapid signup via Facebook / Google / Email
    • Profile includes photo for easy passenger identification
    • Automated dispatching for nearest driver to ride request
    • Immediate and scheduled rides supported
    • Full log of rides, earnings, and reviews + ability to report issues to dispatch
    • Ride cancellation with automated dispatcher reporting
    • Rate and review passengers (report abuse)
    • Initiate message to inbound passenger
    • In-app support / help access




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