• Solution Beauty
  • Solution Beauty

    The Client

    Solution-Beauty.com offers safe, and affordable cosmetic surgery in Thailand to an audience composed primarily of Australian and New Zealand based women. Solution Beauty aims to become the most trusted name in cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

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    The Project

    Upon meeting Solution Beauty, it quickly became apparent to our web design team that to best serve the business model what was required was a lead generation website that would simplify the often intimidating and tiresome process by which women submit their surgery applications.

    The website design approved is based on a soothing therapeutic color palette and includes an easy to navigate menu, large and appealing image sliders, and a dynamic form that displays a personalized set of questions to each candidate, based on their profile.

    • Solution-Beauty.com is based on WordPress, an Open Source content management systemguaranteeing mobile and cross-platform compatibility, enabling easy content management and updates, and allowing for full search engine optimization.
    • The website includes:
      • Responsive design, allowing mobile users – a huge and growing portion of web traffic in Thailand – to browse Mindscape.co.th using their tablets and smart phones.
      • Dynamic form including conditional rules for question display.
      • Custom sidebar that provides scrolling contact information, making requesting information as easy as possible.
      • Integration of existing social media profiles.
      • Download options for general inquiries and other forms, including PDFs.
      • A bespoke image gallery for before-and-after photos, a crucial part of a cosmetic surgeon’s resume.
      • Search Engine Optimization – The website was developed according to currentSEO best practices and supports the creation of search-friendly URLs, Headers, Titles, Tags, etc.





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