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    What They Said

    “…Vimi designed a professional website for NEEDeed, a start-up non-profit organization. Mike and his team has shown incredible resourcefulness throughout the whole process. We were introduced to the most up-to-date online tools and were provided a truly valuable framework within which we could provide input into the design and content of the website. It has been a real learning experience to work with Vimi about websites and the various online tools.

    What I also greatly appreciate about Vimi is the vision they have about your business. While the website is a tremendously valuable and indispensable component of any business, Vimi provided value to NEEDeed beyond that. Vimi understood our mission and has actively promoted it to their partners providing NEEDeed with truly valuable connections. Vimi is remarkable by creating something that is beyond individual businesses by recognizing the links and potentials for collaboration.

    I trust that Vimi will continue to be a true partner for non-profit organizations in supporting local communities in a sustainable manner…”

    Ildiko Modla-Szalai, President

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    The Client

    NEEDeed was established by Ms. Ildiko Modla-Szalai to support Thai non-profit organizations and provide opportunities for expats in Thailand to use their expertise and skills for the common good. The organization supports local non-profits organizations and provides opportunities for professionals by exposing them to local development issues.

    NEEDeed is supported by Clifford Chance, The Delegation of the EU to Thailand and the Mechai Viravaidya Foundation.

    Personal note:

    Virode and I heard about Ildiko’s amazing work, especially in respect to supporting women’s interests, via our friends at Freeland. As the father of two daughters it just made sense to offer Ildiko the NEEDeed website as a pro-bono project.


    The Project

    NEEDeed.com is a showcase for the activities NEEDeed runs and the projects it supports. The website’s goal is to provide information and serve as a point of contact for individuals, companies and organizations interested in supporting these causes.

    • NEEDeed.org is WordPress based, allowing easy content management and updates
    • The site provides information for both NGOs, NPOs, volunteers and sponsors




    Corporate Website