• May Ao Group
  • May Ao Group

    The Client

    Founded in Bangkok in 1991, the May Ao Group has been a manufacturer of seafood products for over a quarter of a century. Since it’s inception as a small family business the company expanded rapidly and nowadays exports its produce around the globe daily, primarily to Europe, the United States, Australia, and the Middle East.

    The company’s reputation is founded on a commitment to quality and excellence that are only achievable via manual processing of the products.

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    The Project

    The May Ao Group asked that we update a previous website that had served them well for over a decade. The old site no longer accurately reflected their expanding business, and was technologically very much out of date. The project involved redoing the company’s copywriting and rebuilding the site to meet the standards and requirements of web in a fashion that will serve the company for the next few years.

    • Mayaogroup.com is based on WordPress, an Open Source content management systemguaranteeing mobile and cross-platform compatibility, enabling easy content management and updates, and allowing for full search engine optimization.
    • The website features:
      • Responsive design, allowing mobile users – the majority portion of web traffic in the US already – easy access on their tablets and smartphones.
      • Search Engine Optimized – The website was developed according to current SEO best practices and supports the creation of search-friendly URLs, Headers, Titles, Tags, etc.





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