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    What They Said

    “…Vimi are fast and full of top-notch ideas. They were quick to sit down for friendly one-on-one meetings. Vimi immediately understood my product and began providing ideas, of which more than a few were gold. We connected and built trust quickly. Within just two weeks of agreeing to a partnership, they had developed wireframes and a custom template for my new websites. I’m pumped to have Vimi on my team…”

    Chris Breuer
    Lingo Village

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    The Client

    Virode and I first met Chris Breuer via a mutual friend, and he immediately intrigued us with his idea of teaching Egyptian Arabic online. We were highly impressed from the start with Chris’s dedication and obviously the respect must have been mutual because, what began as a small consulting gig, gradually evolved into a fun partnership…

    The Project

    LingoVillage is a very exciting project for us because it’s our first stab at creating an educational website, and as such was a great opportunity to explore the latest and greatest technologies in this thrilling field. The site enables students to learn Egyptian Arabic starting with the very basics of the language, and proceeding to advanced lessons touching on such subjects as cognate accusative structure, and the history of law in Egypt. Students can use the site to enroll for and purchase classes, view video recorded lessons, take tests, and follow up on their progress.

    • Lingovillage uses WordPress as it’s CMS, simply because it’s the friendliest interface for content management and updates. Adding and editing lessons and course materials is a breeze, not to mention the excellent support for cross-platform performance and SEO work.
    • The video lessons are hosted on Amazon’s cloud service for reliability and security
    • Billing and credit card processing is via Paypal



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