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    What They Said

    “… Vimi were fantastic partners to have in our corner as we conceptualized and launched our new website…”

    Neil van Heerden
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Fairmed Online

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    The Client

    FairMed Online is a digital health platform providing easy access to second medical opinions from globally recognized medical specialists based in Germany and elsewhere. The company’s founders share a passion for health, nutrition and technology, and a common desire to bring greater transparency to the health care industry.

    The Project

    The Fairmedonline.com website is the heart of the company’s operations, and serves to inform and communicate with potential customers. The website further serves the venture by assisting with operations via a series of dedicated forms.

    • Fairmedonline.com is WordPress based, allowing for easy content management and updates.
    • The website is fully mobile responsive.


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