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    The Client

    Dart is a Brunei’s first ride-hailing app. Operating as a pilot under a special dispensation provided by the government, it allows Bruneians to book cab rides or hail partnered drivers. Customers looking to ride and drivers wanting to offer their services are easily accessible through the free-to-download app, and new drivers are recruited via the website.

    The Project

    The keys to a successful ride hailing app are ease of use and transparency in operations and billing. That’s precisely what Vimi offered Dart. The app is free to download, easy to use, and fee structures are clearly defined and explained.

    Whether you’re a customer looking for a taxi or private car to take you where you want, or a driver looking to make some extra cash, Dart is the solution you need. The app provides estimate costs for every ride, and the opportunity to review of every driver, so customers are guaranteed an ongoing process of improving service.

    Dart’s appeal to the community goes beyond facilitating convenient and accessible transportation – Dart offers Bruneians new opportunities for income as well.Working as a Dart car driver is a great way to earn a living on your own terms.

    The Dart apps are built as native applications for both iOS and Android users.

    Passenger app:

    • Rapid signup via Facebook / Google / Email
    • View inbound driver profile (including photo)
    • Search, pin-drop & automated location for pickup & drop-of
    • Immediate and scheduled rides supported
    • Full ride and fair log + ability to report issues or make requests to dispatch
    • Ride cancellation with graded fee
    • Driver ratings and reviews
    • Initiate call to inbound driver
    • In-app support / help access
    • Pre booking fare estimator

    Driver app:

    • Rapid signup via Facebook / Google / Email
    • Profile includes photo for easy passenger identification
    • Automated dispatching for nearest driver to ride request
    • Immediate and scheduled rides supported
    • Full log of rides, earnings, and reviews + ability to report issues to dispatch
    • Ride cancellation with automated dispatcher reporting
    • Rate and review passengers (report abuse)
    • Initiate message to inbound passenger
    • In-app support / help access