• d.a.p.p Uniform
  • d.a.p.p Uniform

    What They Said

    “…We were looking launch our website with flair and functionality. We wanted our clients to see that uniforms can be an important part of reflecting their brand identity. The website delivered by Vimi delivered gives d.a.p.p. a modern, fashionable edge that really delivers the message we wished to communicate…”

    Sirithip Sripaisal
    Founder & Branding Specialist

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    The Client

    d.a.p.p. uniform is a business unit under Dapper General Apparel Co., Ltd., a leading fashion apparel house established over 35 years ago. Their expertise in fashion retail provides the foundations and experience required to meet the growing market need for fashionable and professional uniforms that truly reflect brand’s identities. Led by founder Sirithip Sripaisal, each design is overseen by project managers that specialise in fashion and design to ensure clients receive the uniforms that meet all their needs, in both form and function.

    The Project

    Vimi was asked to develop the company website to reflect a strong sense of fashion and professionalism that a client would seek from their own uniforms. Vimi was also tasked with writing all the content for the website which also had to reflect a casual yet formal tone, clearly communicating the company’s services, design and manufacturing processes.

    • Dappuniform.com is WordPress based, allowing for easy content management and updates.
    • The website is fully mobile responsive.





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