• ClickSendGift
  • ClickSendGift

    The Client

    ClickSendGift was created by two Belgians living in Bangkok. Their motivation was to provide a new way of giving gifts to friends, family, and loved ones—a different way to celebrate important occasions, spread love, and surprise and delight the people in our lives. Using an app that connects to Facebook, either mobile or on the web, users can send free greeting cards and free or purchased gifts from premium brands and retailers in just a few easy steps. ClickSendGift is currently launching in Thailand, with plans to expand to other Southeast Asian nations, as well.

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    The Project

    Vimi first got involved with ClickSendGift by developing the wireframes for the app version of the Bangkok startup. Our app design team sought to help drive conversions while demonstrating value propositions and credibility to prospects. We wanted to create a stunning and accessible mobile app that would see more and more users signing up, sending gifts and cards, and sharing ClickSendGift with their friends. So we created an app that would:

    • Enable easy signup for an account through Facebook.

    • Not only allow users to send gifts and cards to their selected friends, but also customize them.

    • Facilitate searches for gifts and cards by creating tags (i.e. New, Most Popular, Wish List, Rising, Featured, and so on).

    • Make the checkout process a breeze.

    • Let users easily send feedback so that we could continue to improve ClickSendGift.



    May 13, 2014


    Apps & Startups