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    What They Said

    “…Recommended by a friend, we have used Vimi’s service for our Website. They clearly understood our needs from the beginning and came up with a solution for every problem or adjustments that we had during the creation process. Spending time to make everything perfect is not a concern for them. The result at the end was even more outstanding as promised from the beginning. More than just a Website designer, Vimi has an understanding of every business needs of their clients which makes them above the other. With Vimi, you get more than just a Website! I would recommend them to everyone who needs a quality website….”

    Maxime de Vaulchier
    Business development Manager
    Cafecaps Ltd.

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    The Client

    Cafecaps is a Thai based family owned manufacturer and retailer of coffee capsules and coffee machines. The company was established in 2013 to capitalize on Thailand’s role as one of Asia’s foremost coffee producers, and Thai’s love for excellent and effortless coffee. To learn more about them check out the interview we did with Mr. Maxime de Vaulchier, the company’s business development manager here.

    The Project

    CafeCaps.asia is an ecommerce website and therefore its primary goal is to sell coffee capsules and coffee machines to the Thai audience. The project was a great opportunity to dive into the details that differentiate the ecommerce environment in Thailand from its counterparts elsewhere, in particular insofar as payment practices are concerned.

    • CafeCaps.asia is Magento based guaranteeing robust support for order, catalog and customer management and ensuring mobile and crossplatform compatibility.
    • The payment gateway selected for deployment on the site is Asian based 2c2p.com due to their presence in Thailand and their ownership of payment solution 123.co.th which enables Thais to pay for online goods via ATMs and cash transactions at 7-11, Tesco, Big-C etc.




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