• Bangkok Aviation Club
  • Bangkok Aviation Club

    The Client

    The Bangkok Aviation Center is one of Southeast Asia’s premier flight schools and offers courses approved by Thailand’s Department of Civil Aviation.
    Ideally located within the confines of Don Muang airport, the center regularly provides training and certifications for candidates and certified pilots from Thai Airways, Air Asia, Thai Smile, etc.
    The center’s instructors are all highly esteemed members of Thailand’s pilot community, with many thousands of logged flight hours in both commercial and military settings, and rich experience in training pilots for anything from private licenses, all the way up to commercial instructor courses.

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    The Project

    BangkokFlying.com is the center’s primary marketing tool, as well as an important part of enabling the day to day operation of the school. The website contains information regarding the school’s courses, instructors, facilities, etc., as well as day-to-day updates regarding the weekly flight schedule, events for students, and professional discussion forums.

    • The BangkokFlying.com website is based on the WordPress CMS, guaranteeing mobile and cross-platform compatibility, enabling easy content management and updates, and allowing for full search engine optimization.
    • The website incorporates:
      • Custom forms
      • Dedicated image galleries
      • Integration with Google maps
      • Embedded Google docs to allow easy collaboration on flight schedule planning
      • A student-pilot forum
      • Blog and news feed for latest events and announcements



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