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    What They Said

    “…Vimi were instrumental in making Appy Hotel a success. They gave us good advice, excellent graphics and speedy implementation…”


    JP Dumas, CEO
    Appy Hotel

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    The Client

    Appy Hotel is a startup based in South East Asia that provides a digital marketing suite designed for the unique needs of hospitality providers. At a time when smartphones and social media are reshaping the way hotels communicate and market themselves, Appy Hotel is a friendly platform that boosts revenue, while reducing marketing costs.

    The Project

    From the product, user interface and user experience perspectives this project presented a number of challenges stemming from the fact that each of Appy Hotel’s interfaces addresses a different audience: hotelier prospects, hotelier clients, and hotel guests. Each audience experiences Appy Hotel across a different set of platforms and operating systems to achieve a completely different set of goals – Hotel guests use the apps on their mobiles and tablets in order to enhance their vacation experience in the hotel. Hoteliers, on the other hand, use the dashboard in a PC environment in order to create and manage their digital marketing. Appy Hotel’s frontend apps are designed to look great regardless of the device their viewed on – no easy feat as Apple and Google regularly increase the range of devices and form-factors they support. Furthermore hoteliers are notoriously detail concious, time-poor, and ROI focused – which meant we had to make the benefits of the platform immediately evident, without sacrificing the aesthetics of the design. These challenges, together with the great pleasure of working with JP and his team, are what made this project something of a special ‘baby’ for us.

    • Appy Hotel’s frontend apps are available for both smartphone and tablet formats on Android and iOS, (iPad/iPhone).
    • Appy Hotel’s backend is proprietary code developed and maintained to our specifications.




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